Code Realise ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Episode 2: Keeping it Simple



There’s something to be said for sticking to formula. It is like a well worn pair of shoes or jeans. You slip into them and you just feel comfortable. They may not look that great and depending on how worn they are you might end up not openly wearing them, but deep down you really love them.


Code Realise isn’t my old favourite pair of shoes, but it is┬ástill comfortable viewing because it isn’t doing anything unexpected but what it is doing it is doing well enough. Blank Slate protagonist it actually had a few lines of dialogue this week that weren’t purely turning statements back into questions (though she still did that a lot – does this count as development), and the pretty boys in the mansion take her on a field trip (as you do when you’ve stolen something and are now trying to protect it). The schemers seem evil because they are, the pretty boys are all very good people with just that one black spot in their past to make them seem a little bit damaged and all and all this show isn’t treading one foot off of the very predictable path laid before it.


Even the start where we had a quick scene of running followed by a guy pointing a gun at the main two before flashing back to how we got to that point is pretty much the oldest trick in the book for generating interest early in an episode where nothing actually happens at the start.

So after two episodes my verdict is that this relaxing to watch but I’ll forget it more or less instantly because so far it hasn’t done a thing to distinguish itself. Still, it works and looks good so if it is more your genre you will probably have a great time with this.

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Karandi James.