Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Episode 2: Tomoyo Knows What’s Important



I have to say that while watching this episode I have the distinct impression I may have outgrown Cardcaptor to the point where not even the nostalgia lens made the first fifteen minutes of this episode feel like anything but dragging. We did get the initial buzz from Tomoyo who continues to know exactly what she cares about and is already planning and making costumes for the coming trouble.

But otherwise we get some exchange between Syaoran and Sakura, we get the girls in an art class, Sakura watching Syaoran play soccer, lunch with friends where we’ll discuss the other character who hasn’t shown up yet, before we’ll go home and make a cheesecake and really it just stretches. In fairness, this is a pretty typical Cardcaptor episode and it looks gorgeous, so I kind of had to draw the conclusion that it is me that has moved on from this rather than the show not delivering.


Despite that, when the business of weird stuff happening and capturing a card came around, we weren’t left disappointed.


And as always, the capture itself looked amazing. No wonder Tomoyo wants to film Sakura all the time.


However, do those few moments of nostalgia happiness in the first half and a couple of minutes of magic make for an overall enjoying viewing experience? I’m going to try a couple more episodes before I answer that question and see whether I’ve lost the magic of this show.

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Karandi James.