Bungo Stray Dogs Season 2 Series Review

Overview: Season 1 ended with the Guild attacking the Agency and essentially declaring war. Season 2 continues following Atsushi (mostly) as he works with the Agency to protect the city. I reviewed this episode to episode if you want to check out my thoughts (which progressively got more negative as the series continued). Review (full … Continue reading Bungo Stray Dogs Season 2 Series Review


Friday’s Feature: Consistently Inconsistent – Or Why I Would Struggle to Recommend Bungo Stray Dogs

I know I covered a lot of my issues with Bungo back when season 1 finished airing. In case you missed it here's a link to my review of the season. One of my biggest complaints then was the inconsistency of the series. So now that season 2 is done, has the issue been resolved? … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: Consistently Inconsistent – Or Why I Would Struggle to Recommend Bungo Stray Dogs

Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 23

Review: Apparently this episode is everyone clearly and slowly state exactly what your personal hang up is and draw some sort of moral across the screen so that the viewers can't possibly miss the message. While it is nice that Bungo decided not to be confused in terms of tone or story this week, the … Continue reading Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 23

Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 22

Review: The first half of this episode of Bungo was great fun. Rampo was doing his thing and coming to the realisation he doesn't have a gift and really not wanting to admit that. Okay, I just like Rampo so the diversion from the Agency/Guild/Mafia war to have a confrontation between two 'detectives' through the … Continue reading Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 22

Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 20

Review: Bungo Stray Dog does a lot of things well, but it also has a lot of problems in terms of writing a cohesive narrative. We just seem to keep piling on more characters, abilities and craziness for the sake of novelty and for every explanation we get there's a whole bunch more questions (and … Continue reading Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 20

Autumn 2016 Week 6

Week 6, here we are. Halfway for 12 episode shows. My honest opinion of Autumn so far is that I'm actually really enjoying this season. There's a number of dropped shows (or unwatched shows) that I'm interested in and am enjoying reading the reviews of others and the shows I'm watching have been highly entertaining … Continue reading Autumn 2016 Week 6

Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 18

Review: Bungo Stray Dogs is going to get the award for most inconsistent not just in tone but in airing time the way this season is going. I could probably search and find out why the release date of the episodes has been all over the place but I'm really disinclined to bother. It just … Continue reading Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 18

Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 17

Review: We have transitioned back to the present but this actually wasn't such a bad thing. Given at the end of the last season they had already introduced the Guild they didn't waste any time with introductions and just kind of plunged us straight into a three way war. It's amazing how much more tolerable … Continue reading Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 17

Autumn 2016 Week 4

Week 4 and hasn't this been fun? And look, Bungo Stray Dogs gave us a series final 4 weeks in. Not really, but it felt that way while watching it. Anyway, some shows have delivered and others have simply spat out another episode, but here are my thoughts on what I'm watching. As always, I … Continue reading Autumn 2016 Week 4

Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 16

Review: This episode is all about triggering Dazai's transformation from Mafia to Armed Detective and so the inevitable has now occurred. This whole episode felt like a season finale and will undoubtably be the most intense episode for this week because most other shows aren't writing a climax into episode 4 of their run time. … Continue reading Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 16