Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Brothers

Tuesday's Top 5

We all know there are some terrible anime families out there, but every now and then a show finds a way to remind us that not every blood relative wants to abandon you, use you to destroy the world, or is on a vendetta to kill and destroy you. I’m dedicating this list to all the very cool anime brothers out there in the anime world and my criteria was simply that they had to actually look out for their sibling/s in some way.

Please Note: There will be some spoilers below.

Honourable mention this week to Byakuya from Bleach (admittedly, it took him awhile to warm up to the idea of saving Rukia but after that point he was a pretty good brother).

Number 5: Sora from No Game No Life

Sora - awesome anime brother

Sora is an incredibly confident gamer who is absolutely certain of victory, but only so long as his sister, Shiro, is by his side. More importantly, he prioritizes her happiness and well-being at every turn and absolutely trusts in her abilities making him a great anime brother though potentially not such a great person.

While there relationship may be unhealthy in some respects, separating them leading to the both of them all but shutting down emotionally, you can’t doubt the love these siblings have for one another and how much Sora is willing to do to give Shiro exactly what she wants in No Game No Life.

Number 4: Edward and Alphonse from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood


Oh, they are so cute. Seriously, these two are adorable as anime brothers even after one of them ends up as a soul attached to a suit of armour. Full Metal Alchemist makes you love them and then makes you watch them go through so much.

Realistically these two could be put at number one on the list given everything they do is initially driven by Edward’s desire to ‘fix’ Alphonse but to be honest they get caught up in a lot of other stuff and even while the two will forever help each other out, both are aware there is more at stake. Still, utterly adorable.


Number 3: Lelouch from Code Geass


I’ll be the first to admit that Lelouch’s family situation is complicated and not exactly nice, however his genuine love for his little sister Nunnally remains one of the touching cornerstones of Code Geass and is pretty much the only reason Lelouch shouldn’t just be written off as another egomaniacal character wanting to show off how smart he is.

While I’m not entirely convinced that Lelouch ever really succeeded at ‘saving’ Nunnally, his determination to give her a better life was pretty admirable and he did end up shouldering an end that really shouldn’t have befallen him in order to spare her from having to take the responsibility. While not the best brother ever, he’s certainly a solid anime brother.

Number 2: Touya from Cardcaptors


Best anime brother ever.

Okay, maybe not given I put him in the second spot on the list, but he would still be an awesome brother to have. He doesn’t fall into the sickly sweet category as he certainly teases his little sister, as any self-respecting big brother would, but he never crosses the line into being mean and he most definitely always has his sister’s back even when she doesn’t know what he’s given up for her in Cardcaptors.

This also carries over into Tsubasa Chronicles, though Touya has a much briefer role there.

Number 1: Komui Lee from D Gray Man


While most of the time Komui acts like such an idiot it is hard to take him seriously as a character, it is important to remember that he gave up everything in his life to be with his sister and be her support. She was taken by the Dark Order because she could use Innocence and then she was pretty much on a self-destructive path and perfectly happy to die until Komui gave up whatever future he’d been heading towards to work for the Order to be with her.

While casual observers think he’s the sister obsessed one, it is more that he knows how important his presence is for his sister and it really is the case that she’s the one who is a bit obsessed. Whenever you remember those scenes where we see Komui join the order to care for her, it makes so much of his character more tolerable and makes him my very favourite anime brother.

Who would you have included on your list of anime brothers?

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Hunter X Hunter Episodes 20 + 21


Review Episode 20:

Okay, when they set up these matches I was not expecting Killua to be the one who lost. Nor was I expecting a “I’m your brother” reveal so there we go. Two surprises in one episode. Still, the moment below broke my heart just a little bit.


He’s so cute. You know, for a trained killer. He just wants to be friends.

Anyway, Gon’s reaction at the end of the episode was perfect and I loved that the narrator felt the need to tell us twice that Gon was angry. Just in case we missed that from the way he marched down the hallway and kicked in the door. Of course, Gon being angry is a new state of affairs so maybe they just wanted to make sure we got it.

Review Episode 21:

They weren’t kidding when they said Gon was angry. And now we have all kinds of modern conveniences including ninja who use email. But anyway… I’ve given up trying to figure out if this is based on any particular time period because it just seems so incredibly mixed. Anyway, these two are really creepy still.

So that’s the exam done, except the final line of the episode makes it clear it isn’t. You know, for all the supposed perks of being a hunter, there are way too many hoops to jump through in this application process. But hey, we’re off to rescue Killua, maybe, so that should be fun.

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Kiss Him, Not Me Episode 11


Kiss Him Not Me Review:

Same as last week for Kiss Him, Not Me, other than a general issue with a student teacher attempting to pick up a student and using generally questionable methods, the episode was kind of fun.  I really enjoyed the interactions between the brothers and how they solved their conflict through a card match. This episode also ended with an actual confession which was kind of refreshing given we’ve been dancing around that this whole time. A final point from this episode, the eye-catches in the middle were kind of awesome.

Kiss Him, Not Me is available on Crunchyroll.

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