Brave Witches Episode 1


Continuing my catch up on shows I passed on this season, here’s Brave Witches.


I actually really enjoyed Strike Witches, once I stopped asking why the girls couldn’t actually be dressed, but I wasn’t so fond of the follow up so I didn’t just straight into Brave Witches. Watching the first episode of this, I’m reminded of things I liked and didn’t like about Strike Witches so I guess it is just more of the same. I like the magic and flight mechanisms, some of the characterisation, and the portrayal of war. I dislike the main protagonist, the girls’ outfits, and the simplicity of some of the character relationships and interactions. I also had to question the use of narration to info-dump at the start of this like they assume you’ve either watched Strike Witches and even if you haven’t they don’t want to bother with world building so here’s the information. The use of the newspaper article to explicitly link to Strike Witches was kind of clever though. All and all, I will probably find some time to finish this during 2017 because this first episode was entertaining enough but much like the original series I don’t see this becoming a favourite.

Brave Witches is available on Crunchyroll.