Brave 10 Series Review


Overview: I started this one as a random roll on Crunchyroll and went in more or less blind. Yukimura Sanada is gathering ten warriors that will be known as braves during the Warring States era in Japan. And that's pretty much all I knew before watching. Review: Brave 10 is one of those odd little … Continue reading Brave 10 Series Review

Brave 10 Episode 12


Review: This episode works well enough as a final episode in that we finally see Isanami's power and Saizo finally does something more than flail a sword around (at least momentarily). We also get a lot of passionate speeches about comrades and friendship and freedom and stuff (by the way, all the previously nearly dead … Continue reading Brave 10 Episode 12

Brave 10 Episode 11


Review: We spend a lot of this episode caught in some sort of dream world where I guess they just had to confuse us further about whether the wind guy was actually a guy (I'm guessing he's a girl given he's dreaming about being a Princess, but it isn't like they confirm or it matters … Continue reading Brave 10 Episode 11

Bave 10 Episode 10


Review: Okay, a few episodes ago I questioned the lack of reality being presented in some of the ninja's abilities. I take it back. This episode makes it clear that they are magical and you can have whatever technique you want. Basically this episode is an extended fight sequence between a few members of the … Continue reading Bave 10 Episode 10

Brave 10 Episode 9


Review: After a lot of nonsense and drinking parties in the previous episodes we finally have the group return and at last all 10 are in the same place... yet they don't even get to meet together before one of them turns out to be a traitor. Personally, I blame Isanami for raising that flag … Continue reading Brave 10 Episode 9

Brave 10 Episode 8


Review: This episode is cleanly divided into the escape from the capital and then the drinking party on the boat where they finally recruit the 10th warrior (look at that, it only took 8 episodes and they've got 10 of them). Anyway, with the roads blocked they kind of get themselves backed into a corner. … Continue reading Brave 10 Episode 8

Brave 10 Episode 7


Review: Part of my dislike for ninja stories are the crazy things they end up doing despite the fact that technically there isn't any magic in the show. In the episode we get a sword vs fan fight and somehow the only injury is a single cut to the fan. Seriously? And who believed for … Continue reading Brave 10 Episode 7

Brave 10 Episode 6


Review: Anime really do like to cover the basics and a hot springs trip, even when it seems completely irrelevant to the story, is one of the most basic. Complete with guys peeping on girls and over the top reactions to the peeping, although we also get a character whose gender is questionable and ends … Continue reading Brave 10 Episode 6

Brave 10 Episode 5


Review: So, at the end of the previous episode Isanami was kidnapped and we start this episode with it looking like she's in some kind of peril and things might actually be getting serious. If by serious I mean it looks like the ongoing sexual harassment of characters will continue only thinly hidden behind a … Continue reading Brave 10 Episode 5

Brave 10 Episode 4


Review: We start this episode with random new character who is clearly after whatever the widget is at the shrine (and based on previous anime I was guessing he was going to turn out to be Masamune and that's confirmed by the end of the episode). We don't spend a lot of time with him … Continue reading Brave 10 Episode 4