Gamers Episode 8: Send These People Some Help



After episodes of convoluted misunderstandings between the main characters we finally come to this; a board game session with the five main characters all gathered around the table. What could possibly go wrong with this set up?

Of course, we don’t start there as first we need to add some random side story about Amano being asked for game recommendations and someone, who turns out to be Chiaki’s sister, overhears him recommending a game she was interested in and… you know what, I don’t really care about that subplot or where it is going so moving on.


I did like the board game session. here was just the right amount of stupid tension as the awkward conversation kept getting interrupted by way too on the mark instructions from the game itself.


The way that tension naturally diffused was also really cool and fun to watch. We had that one moment sigh of relief that somehow all their teen drama and tangles were going to sort themselves. But where would the fun in that be?

This continues to be a fun watch this season though not for the reasons I initially thought it might be enjoyable.

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Karandi James.