Tuesday’s Top 5: Antagonists With Inhuman Characteristics

Antagonists and villains are visually quite fun characters because they usually end up as fashion disasters or twisted into weird caricatures. Today I want to look at five villains and antagonists that have inhuman characteristics that I think are still pretty cool looking (or at the very least they are memorable). I'd love to know … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Antagonists With Inhuman Characteristics


Tuesday’s Top 5: Male Yokai

Continuing on from last week where I looked at my top 5 favourite female yokai, this week we have my top 5 male yokai. I must admit, my first draft had a lot fox yokai on the list and even the revised version hasn't really fixed that issue. Apparently I like foxes. Anyway, as always, … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Male Yokai

Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Priests

Very likely this list was inspired by the fact that I'm currently trying to watch Vatican Miracle Examiner, but today I'm looking at my top 5 favourite anime priests. When I say priest, I'm using a broad brush so I'm not overly concerned what sort of priest, or what religion, or even if they are … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Priests

Blue Exorcist Season 2 Series Review

Overview: A continuation of Blue Exorcist (reviewed here), the story picks up with pretty much everyone being scared of Rin and Yukio still stressing about everything. Someone stole the eye of the Impure King so now we're all going to Kyoto because clearly a world threat should be handled by students and a small branch … Continue reading Blue Exorcist Season 2 Series Review

Winter 2017 Final List

As the title says, this is my final list for the Winter 2017 season. This was not an amazing season of anime for me. Lots of rom-coms and slice of life shows that just didn't do much for me (though I've enjoyed shows in both of these genres previously), a few sequels that didn't manage … Continue reading Winter 2017 Final List

Blue Exorcist Episode 37

Review: I can't help but think this entire season was just filler. Other than Rin learning to control his flames (which took way too long) and the other students finally getting over Rin being the son of Satan (though for some reason they don't apply that same reasoning to Yukio) we've watched this whole season … Continue reading Blue Exorcist Episode 37

Blue Exorcist Episode 36

Review: The fragmented nature of this show continued this week with Yukio and Todo kind of finishing their fight (though Todo seems pretty unkillable at this point so not really sure if they are really done or not) and then Rin finally did something with his sword. This show is always at its best when … Continue reading Blue Exorcist Episode 36

Winter 2017 Week 10

And we've made it to week 10. Part of me is amazed that we're finally here and part of me is wondering why I'm still watching some of the shows I started this season, but there's still that end of season anticipation that is so much fun. Even if a show hasn't been great there's … Continue reading Winter 2017 Week 10

Blue Exorcist Episode 35

Review: Blue Exorcist is a good example of why shows should just try to tell their story and wrap it up. Whether there is a bigger world or other stories that could be explored is neither here nor there because the whole point of stories is to entertain. Season 2 of Blue Exorcist has failed … Continue reading Blue Exorcist Episode 35

Blue Exorcist Episode 34

Review: You would think now that they've all got their assignments and the battle is on that the excessive group chats would have ended, but Blue Exorcist is very attached to lengthy dialogue at this point. Each pair or group have plenty of time for heart to heart conversations usually right before they get surprised … Continue reading Blue Exorcist Episode 34