Tuesday’s Top 5: Things I Learned From Anime Last Year

Tuesday's Top 5

We all know anime can teach us many things and be entertaining in the process, but what were the top 5 lessons I took from anime last year?

Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime From 2018

Tuesday's Top 5

Here it is. The countdown of my favourite anime from 2018. Love to know yours so please share.

Tuesday’s Top 5: Female Anime Characters from 2018

Tuesday's Top 5

This year gave us some fantastic female characters and here are my top 5 female anime characters from 2018.

The Fleeting Life of a Flower In Bloom – Excerpt

Bloom Into You Episode Review Title

Excerpt from the episode 13 review of Bloom Into You. Full post available for patrons.

What Were The Best Anime of Autumn 2018?

Dakaichi Episode 13 Takato

Here we are at the end of the season (okay some shows are yet to finish). It is time to announce my picks for the best of the season and reveal the reader's choice.

How Did Love Help Yuu Overcome Her Fear of Action? – Excerpt

Bloom Into You Episode Review Title

Excerpt of the Bloom Into You Episode Review available for patrons.

12 Days of Anime Characters – Sayaka

12 Days of Anime Title Image

On the 5th day of the 12 Days of anime, I turn my attention to the friend of the student council president in Bloom Into You: Sayaka.