Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime With Blood and Gore

Tuesday's Top 5

Yes, we have more Halloween list fun this week as I count down my five favourite anime that have a lot of blood and/or gore. Now I had to think long and hard about my pre-requisite for something ending up on this list because just most amount of gross out moments didn’t seem like a great criteria. So instead I decided to go with anime that use blood and gore the best as part of the narrative rather than for the shock factor. That said, it is my list so I’d love to know what you would include on yours.

So what are my top 5 anime with blood and gore?

Please note, there will be spoilers below. And while it should go without saying given the list title, a lot of the images will be disturbing if you do not like blood and gore. 

Honourable mentions: Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan, both provide blood and gore aplenty but it always feels more sensationalist than necessary.

Number 5: Higurashi


Cute kids who turn into psychos and kill their friends, in sometimes truly horrifying ways. This anime really does push the boundaries with a young cast that are subjected to torture, dismemberment, and generally just misery and death. Despite the young age of the cast it doesn’t really hold back on showing the deaths seemingly relishing in each and every failed attempt to break free from the time loop. This one definitely earns a spot on the list even if it isn’t quite as graphic as some of the others.

Number 4: Elfen Lied


I almost just made this an honourable mention given a lot of the blood and flying body parts could definitely be seen as just an attempt to shock the audience. Still, the story does rely heavily on human fear of the unknown and of fear of the monster, and Lucy delivers both as she walks her way through a mass of armed guards leaving nothing but blood in her wake. After the opening the blood keeps coming but it is certainly diminished after the anime has set its scene.

Number 3: Another


While more about atmosphere and creepiness than blood, there’s something even more shocking about the moments of pure gore this anime delivers because of the slow build to them. Very few people forget the umbrella on the stair case incident and the teacher suicide in the classroom is a truly unsettling and disturbing visual that isn’t leaving me any time soon. As these deaths are the result of the curse the class is under the violence and shocking nature of these events are actually kind of necessary because otherwise the kids wouldn’t be half so desperate to undo the curse.

Number 2: Devilman Crybaby


Want a break from simply dripping and splashing blood around the screen? Devilman Crybaby delivers true body horror with some truly violent and gory sequences that will leave you feeling fairly unsettled. As much as I didn’t really get into the story or characters of Devilman Crybaby, I have to admit that if you are after a genuine round of body horror with a lot of gore thrown in, this anime is going to deliver provided you don’t also mind a lot of sexualised content mixed in with that.

Number 1: Pupa


This one wins again (as it previously in 2016 on anime I recommended for Halloween). This is one graphic and disturbing short anime that will definitely get under your skin as a younger sister, infected with a virus, will feed by eating the flesh of her still living older brother (also infected but fast healing). This is blood, gore and a whole lot of shudder inducing imagery and definitely not for the faint hearted. Also, not for anyone who wants a conclusion because you’ll be left wanting.

And there we have it, my top 5 list of anime that use blood and/or gore. As always, feel free to share your list in the comments below.

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Karandi James

King’s Game Episode 12 – The Dramatic Conclusion (Or Maybe Not)


Review (heavy spoilers):

It will be genuinely impossible to review this episode without spoilers so if you want to be surprised by the conclusion (well, don’t watch the show for one but also maybe pass on reading this post until later). We are down to our last five contestants in this game of death and after running an entire day they all all seem pretty energised still (even the girl who fainted and was carried the last bit seems to make a startling recovery). And where are any of their parents, teachers, local police, or anyone else given the entire class is now either dead or wandering around in the mountains at night? Not to mention, the show is still insisting that a real virus somehow became a computer virus.


However, if you watched eleven episodes of this, clearly you accepted that this was B Grade horror and such gaping holes in story-telling were excused due to genre and general entertainment principles so we’ll move on rather than raising multiple other issues with the narrative that I’ve ignored thus far in the name of having at least one decent horror to watch this season (though the word decent when applied to horror definitely required redefining).


So the big secret? No one can live!

Wait, you mean you figured that out already? Really? And they were so careful about hiding that (heavy sarcasm).

Yet despite the heavy implication that all participants are now dead watch through the credits and see the sequel bait ending. This show most definitely knows its horror tropes and it played it right until the end. Well, as the opening song says, “This is the end.” I will review the whole series later.

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Karandi James.


King’s Game Episode 9: Emotional Tension Despite a Lack of Logic


Review (some spoilers):

Pointing out holes in the logic of King’s Game is pointless as well as stupid at this point in time. It is clear the story isn’t logical and isn’t trying to be. So the absence of parents at the hospital when two separate teenagers have been admitted with every finger on one hand broken is more or less the standard for this narrative. Questioning it doesn’t get you any closer to anything and it is just one more massive gap in the believability of the world constructed here so you may as well just shrug and move on.


Despite the inherently broken nature of the plot, the show continues to give some really strong emotional moments and definitely manages to engage the audience in these scenes. Natsuko and Aimi’s break downs during the finger breaking game followed by the twist we all knew was coming but didn’t know what form it would take. Things were going too well for Nobuaki this episode and this show has been all about kicking Nobuaki when he is down but somehow never really getting close to killing him.


And it makes sense. Nobuaki is really the only character the audience has had any chance to connect with and he’s been set up as the tragic hero. He keeps trying to save everyone around him and fails miserably, meanwhile the saps keep sacrificing themselves to keep him alive so that he can fail to save everyone else. It is insane and yet somehow works because it is just so horrible.


Still, with smashed and snapped fingers, emotional manipulation, and everyone completely shattered by the end of this episode, I’m guessing the final episodes are going to be explosive. Particularly as we still have ten warm bodies in this show and all evidence points to there only being one survivor.

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Karandi James.