Black Cat Series Review: This is A Hot Mess of A Show

black cat

Black Cat tries to run multiple plot lines across a vast array of characters and mostly ends up being a mess. That said, there's some highly enjoyable moments along the way and the zany characters will grow on you even if they never make much sense.

Top 5: Anime Eye Patch Wearing Characters

Tuesday's Top 5

Anime eye patch wearing characters are kind of everywhere and there's an endless stream of reasons for why the character needs to have any eye-patch (or sometimes there isn't a reason and they just do). What I do know is that some anime characters really do rock the look and this is my list celebrating them.

Tuesday’s Top 5: Characters Who Love Their ‘Darling’ To Death

Tuesday's Top 5

Yes, this post has been inspired by Darling in the Franxx's Zero Two, unfortunately she doesn't get a place on the list due to the uncertainty about how her character will develop from here. Certainly she has all the traits of the characters below so far. Obsessively possessive of her chosen 'Darling', not entirely needing … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Characters Who Love Their ‘Darling’ To Death