Top 5 Nice Guys/Girls in Anime

Tuesday's Top 5

Who are the top 5 nice guys or girls in anime?

Top 5: Supernatural Anime – They aren’t always creepy but these anime all do something a little beyond the ordinary.

Tuesday's Top 5

I love a good supernatural anime so cutting a list down to just 5 was quite the challenge. Here are my 5 favourite supernatural anime but I'd love to know your choices.

Top 5: Non-Weapon Items Used as Weapons (not usually of mass-destruction)

Tuesday's Top 5

There's a lot of non-weapon items being weaponised in anime. Sometimes they are very effective and sometimes they are hilarious but they are worth noting. Here are five of my favourite non-weapon items that have been used as weapons.

Feature: I Am Human – But What Does That Mean?


Anime does a lot of things. It shows us amazing places and takes us on wild adventures. It can make us laugh or cry or wince or groan. It can make our eyes widen in shock and it can bore us to tears. However, what it does every now and then is really make us … Continue reading Feature: I Am Human – But What Does That Mean?

Black Butler: Book of Circus Series Review – Definitely my Favourite Flavour of Black Butler

black butler book of circus tv animation art book 18

In Black Butler: Book of Circus, Ciel is asked by the Queen to investigate a circus after a number of children have gone missing and the police have no clues. In order to get close to the performers, Ciel and his butler, Sebastian, audition and take on jobs within the Circus in this 10 episode story arc.

Black Butler 2 Series Review – Review or Rant? Hard To Say


With The Promised Neverland Season 2 falling hard this year and How Not To Summon a Demon Lord quickly following in its wake, I was reminded of another sequel that was just so incredibly bad. Yep, Black Butler 2.

Why Do We Criticise Main Characters For Being Overpowered?

Overpowered Feature

Why is an overpowered main character considered a bad thing? Admittedly, I do like anime where the underdog comes forward and finally overcomes the seemingly unbeatable peril, but that doesn't mean every main character has to be a wimp or a developing hero. It's nice sometimes to have someone competent, in control, and at times even confident to follow along on their quest. In those instances, it isn't tension that you are wanting to experience but rather the satisfaction of seeing someone overcome a challenge in a fairly capable manner. So, different emotional payoff but still entertaining, right? So why do we criticise main characters for being overpowered? First published June 2016.

Black Butler Season 1 Series Review

Black Butler - Series Review

Black Butler has for a long time been one of my favourite anime. For all the historical inaccuracies and potential plot problems, it remains a series that is very fun to watch and manages a solid and dramatic finale (which makes you wonder why season 2 happened). Read the full review. First posted May 2016.

Tuesday’s Top 5: Top 5 Red-Heads (Female)

Tuesday's Top 5

I love a fantastic characters with crimson hair. Narrowing this list down to just 5 female characters was so hard but here they are: My Top5 red-heads in anime.

Top 5: Anime With Demons or Devils

Tuesday's Top 5

There are a lot of anime that include demons and devils in their cast and I know that a list of 5 can't even begin to cover all the great titles out there. Still, I decided to have a go at listing my 5 favourite anime with demons or devils in them. I did rule … Continue reading Top 5: Anime With Demons or Devils