Given Live-Action Episode 1 Impressions – The Sound and Sweetness

Given Episode 1

It's here! A Given live action adaptation and while it took awhile to get used to Uenoyama and Mafuyu as real actors and not in anime form, this first episode is pretty great. Apparently there will be six episodes in this adaptation so I'm not sure how far through the story we'll get.

Umibe no Étranger Movie Review – 59 Minutes of Pretty Visuals With An Okay Shounen Ai Story

Umibe no Étranger

Umibe no Étranger is a movie with too many titles. I found it on Funimation with the title The Stranger by the Shore but it took a fair amount of searching to find out the movie was Umibe no Étranger on MAL. Anyway, this 59 minute shounen ai movie is nice enough but be sure to read the full review.

Dakaichi Series Review

Dakaichi Episode 6 Junta and Takato

Dakaichi presents pretty much the story you would expect from reading the synopsis. If you get into the characters there's some touching moments and a bit of fun to be had, but this one is a very average anime when judged compared to standard romances. Still, not the worst anime you could watch and the characters are quite fun.

Friendly Talks with Arthifis – Final Thoughts on Dakaichi

Dakaichi Episode 10 Takato and Junta kiss

Join Arthifis and myself as we discuss the final episodes of Dakakichi. It has been an awesome collaboration this season and I'm really glad we did it but here is our final post from the Autumn anime season.

Friendly Talks with Arthifis: Dakaichi Late Season Thoughts

Dakaichi Episode 7 On Set

Arthifis and Karandi join forces to discuss the latest episodes of Dakaichi. This post covers the events up to episode 8 and we're pleased to dive back into the relationship between Junta and Takato, slightly less pleased to discuss Ayagi.

Friendly Talks With Arthifis: DAKAICHI Mid-Season Thoughts


Something that bothers me a little is how Takato’s personality changes completely when he is working and when he is with Junta. I can understand why they decided to go that route (the guy who always seems to be the best ending up being the “uke” in the relationship...

Friendly Talks With Arthifis: DAKAICHI first impressions


Introduction: For those who missed the announcement for this collaboration, Arthifis and I are working together this season to have periodic chats about two anime. Over at Arthifis' place we'll be covering Goblin Slayer and you should definitely check out that post once you are done here because we had a lot of fun discussing … Continue reading Friendly Talks With Arthifis: DAKAICHI first impressions

Super Lovers Series Review: Not Sure About the Super Part – But They Are Working on the Lovers Part

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At no point did I want to drop this show even on a second viewing. I did however want it to speed up a bit and maybe have a little bit more happening in each episode. So what is good about the series?

Spiritpact – Bond of the Underworld Series Review: An Improvement In Every Way on Season 1


After season one's fairly atrocious start, Spiritpact slowly grew into a semi-decent story. Then season two came onto the scene and it is almost as if this story has finally found its place. Review: I really didn't think much of the delivery of this story back in season one. In fact, my review of it … Continue reading Spiritpact – Bond of the Underworld Series Review: An Improvement In Every Way on Season 1

Tuesday’s Top 5: Reasons You Should Watch Season 2 of Spiritpact

Tuesday's Top 5

Spiritpact season 2 has finished, with some very weird timing, and I can't help but note that very few people have been talking about it. That's not very surprising given how season 1 started and usually I don't really like the argument that something gets better, but in Spiritpact's case, the it gets better argument … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Reasons You Should Watch Season 2 of Spiritpact