Friday’s Feature: Your Influence on Your Impression of Anime

When starting a new anime (or any story really) there are certain things that draw particular viewers and certain elements that will push some viewers away. However, I think a lot of how I feel about an anime has to do with my attitude when I sit down to watch it. Generally I approach a … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: Your Influence on Your Impression of Anime

Reflections on Anime in 2016 – The Best and The Worst of the Year (in my opinion)

It's the first day of the year so let's look back at the year that was. I know that at the end of Summer I did my first reflection post looking back at the anime I'd watched and  I purposefully left D Gray Man and Sailor Moon Crystal 3 off the lists because nostalgia was … Continue reading Reflections on Anime in 2016 – The Best and The Worst of the Year (in my opinion)

Friday’s Feature -Poor Pacing

Poor pacing isn't a new problem by any means; ask anyone who has watched Dragon Ball Z or Bleach about battles that just don't ever seem to end. However, both the Spring and Summer seasons in 2016 have given us new examples of shows that manage to kill interest with pacing issues so I thought … Continue reading Friday’s Feature -Poor Pacing

Big Order Series Review

Overview: This anime has a very promising write up, telling us the story begins after the world has ended. A world where a fairy named Daisy grants wishes (or orders) to people and because of this there is conflict. We follow Eiji as he tries to live a normal life after causing a 'great destruction' … Continue reading Big Order Series Review

Big Order Episode 10

Review: And not with a bang but with a whimper this show staggers into the forgettable recesses of time. Will do a full series review but let's be honet, this final episode cannot stand on its own merit. It has none. Let's just throw everything and anything around and then we'll conveniently remember we reduced … Continue reading Big Order Episode 10

Big Order Episode 9

Review: It's actually a shame that with only one episode left to go, Big Order finally found some actual coherence. Also a shame that despite the last two episodes making sense in their own right, the series as a whole is still a non-sensical mess. Finally, it's a shame that at this point all of … Continue reading Big Order Episode 9

Big Order Episode 8

Review: Severed limbs, girls eating way too much food, and plots gone awry; Big Order episode 8 does little to resolve the overall issues of the series in terms of pacing, characterisation or coherence. That said, it kind of feels like we have an actual villain to face off against with a reasonably straight-forward goal, … Continue reading Big Order Episode 8

Spring Overview Week 9

Week 9 has come and gone and I am definitely starting to feel a growing sense of impatience for next season. There are just too many shows this Spring that could disappear and I probably wouldn't even notice. Those into slice of life, there are actually quite a few sweet titles out at the moment, … Continue reading Spring Overview Week 9

Big Order Episode 7

Review: How does a show become this much of a mess in only 7 episodes? You can't trust anything anybody says - and not in a clever or subversive way. It's more that it feels like the writers just keep changing their minds about what actually happened so make random statements and then have to … Continue reading Big Order Episode 7

Big Order Episode 6

Review: So I know I said I was going to drop this and just stop reviewing it, but then I went and watched episode 6 anyway. I'm going to give Big Order credit for finally giving us an episode that didn't feel the need to flip-flop between directions continuously. We stayed pretty much with Eiji … Continue reading Big Order Episode 6