Top 5 – Female Anime Characters Who Wear Glasses

Top 5 Female anime characters who wear glasses

Let’s be clear, glasses are very cool. Characters who wear glasses are therefore cool.

It’s a solid argument and there’s absolutely no self-serving purpose behind that statement.

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In seriousness though, here is a list of my favourite female anime characters who wear glasses (updated as of November 2021).

Top 5 Female Characters Who Wear Glasses

Honourable mentions to Chizuru Honshu (Bleach), Margery Daw (Shakugan no Shana) and Ririchiyo Shirakin (Inu X Boku).

Number 5: Okuda from Assassination Classroom

wear glasses

I love Okuda. While she is only a minor character in Assassination Classroom she is definitely an entertaining one and her unique approach to trying to assassinate her teacher by asking him to drink poison is pretty entertaining. Plus, if Okuda ever does get together with Karma those two would be lethal.

And look how this glasses wearing character managed to keep her glasses on in the face of an explosion. Well done.

Number 4: Kirihara Misaki from Darker than Black

Misaki is probably one of my favourite female characters with her down to earth nature, love of junk food, and general desire to actually find the truth and protect people rather than accept hearsay and rumours. She’s also good at her job and just a nice person while still being cool, calm and logical.

Her glasses are very much a part of who she is and when she takes them off (during a party) we really see just how disconnected she becomes (mostly because she can’t see). All and all, Misaki is definitely a character who wears her glasses with style in Darker Than Black.

Number 3: Mizuki Shibata from The Irregular at Magic High School

While her glasses serve a practical purpose, you have to admit Mizuki looks pretty adorable with her glasses on. While she’s not as talented as many of her friends (then again, who is) Mizuki certainly pulls her weight in the series. I’d have loved for her character to have had more screen time, but from a cast of mostly generic characters, Mizuki managed to stand her ground. She may not be as direct and forthright as some of the others on the list but she’s hanging in there throughout every conflict in the series.

Number 2: Mirai Kuriyama from Beyond the Boundary

The main character of this anime has a glasses fetish so who better to try and kill him than a bespectacled beauty. Okay, it might have worked better if she wasn’t terrified of her own power and hadn’t actually fallen in love with him, but you have to admit, she does look great in glasses. This show talks a lot about her glasses and she spends a lot of time cleaning them (which makes you wonder whether she actually needs them at all given how often she takes them off).

Mirai is a great character in Beyond the Boundary. She’s amusing and sulky and traumatized by her past, but she’s also really just wanting to reconnect and find her place in the world. While the plot may not have resolved beautifully, Mirai’s character is fantastic and she completely deserves the number 1 spot on this list but I just couldn’t put her ahead of the next character.

Number 1: Nagato Yuki from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

When I started this list there was almost no doubt that Nagato would end up as number 1. Even though her glasses wearing days are limited to a few episodes before she forgets to recreate them after a fight and Kyon tells her she looks good without them, Nagato Yuki is the definitive glasses wearing female.

So, who would you include on your list?

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Top 5 Supernatural Romance Anime – Great Characters, Worldbuilding, and Just Sweet Moments

Top 5 Supernatural Romance anime

It seems inevitable that someone who loves horror and fantasy but also love a good romantic comedy would somehow end up falling in love with supernatural romance anime. If nothing else, at least unlike supernatural romance fiction in western novels, it hasn’t yet been totally overrun with broody vampires or fallen angels that all seem like carbon copies of the last book you picked up.

And there are so many great titles to choose from.

What are my top 5 picks for Supernatural Romance Anime?

In order to keep my list from spiralling out of control I decided that the criteria for making the list had to be a great balance between the supernatural and romantic elements and the story had to work. As a result, Tsubasa Chronicles ended up getting left off the list even though I was sure that Syaoran and Sakura’s romance would end up here. But ultimately the romance takes a back seat to the fantasy journey between worlds and so it will simply get an honourable mention.

Number 5: Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 11 Mai
Supernatural Romance Anime

Bunny Girl Senpai is an interesting title to kick off the list given each arc of the story introduces a separate supernatural element and another girl with a problem for Sakuta to solve. Which could very quickly have lead us into harem territory rather than making this a supernatural romance anime (I know harem stories are technically romance but they really deserve their own category).

However, while there are many girls that vie for Sakuta’s attention in this coming of age narrative, Sakurajima Mai, the titular Bunny Girl, remains his love interest throughout and while her problem is resolved in the first arc, their relationship doesn’t screech to a halt after that point.

This title may not leave audiences with quite the warm and fluffy feelings of some of the other titles on the list (and it certainly doesn’t have half the heart break) it’s a solid supernatural romance anime that presents both supernatural mysteries and a believable teen romance and manages to balance both elements in a way that makes it feel pretty satisfying to watch.

Number 4: Beyond the Boundary

Beyond the Boundary - Cute supernatural romance anime

Akihito and Mirai, the two main characters of Beyond the Boundary, are perhaps the most adorakable pair of characters in this list of supernatural romance anime.

Akihito with his jaded attitude to everything but his extreme glasses fetish and Mirai with her social awkwardness and clumsiness as an exorcist really do just perfectly suit each other and seeing them slowly open up to one another is utterly adorable.

That this happens while Mirai attempts to kill Akihito and becomes increasingly frustrated at his seemingly unkillable nature in a world where shades attack quite regularly leaving these characters in life-threatening (although sometimes quite silly) scenarios is what makes this story truly great. And seeing them stand by one another when things get really bad is an absolute joy.

While Beyond the Boundary isn’t without its issues, if you want a beautiful supernatural story with a powerful romance at the core you’ll certainly find it here.

Number 3: Clannad

Clannad - Supernatural Romance Anime

Truth be told, I am not a huge fan of Clannad but it would be criminal to leave it off a list of supernatural romance anime given the following this one has. And realistically it ticks all the boxes as it builds up a very solid romance, and if you watch into Clannad After-Story you’ll see that romance progress to marriage and beyond so it certainly ticks all the right boxes there.

Now as to the supernatural side of this you’ll have to watch the whole thing to really get it as there is a parallel story running through this that doesn’t really resolve until much later. While some of the dramas the teens face at school have supernatural trappings it will play out largely like another harem romance until later in the piece.

Honestly, this one is a beautiful story but it never really clicked for me. Still, if supernatural romance anime is something you are looking for, you may very well want to check Clannad out as it certainly has enough fans and honestly it is very watchable (and while watching it is pretty compelling) even if it didn’t really stick with me afterward.

Number 2: Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss - Supernatural Romance Anime

A break from so many serious entries we have the hilarious and fun Kamisama Kiss making an appearance as my second favourite supernatural romance anime. Nanami and Tomoe are a great couple in this story, at least once they get over their initial attitudes toward one another, and the supernatural world building is very solid as Nanami goes from being a normal high school girl to learning what it means to be a god.

Over two seasons we’ll see these two get significantly closer to understanding one another and learn to depend on and trust the other (even if that is sometimes a bit difficult). Unfortunately, the anime doesn’t go far enough and we still haven’t seen where this romance leads.

That said, Kamisama Kiss is one anime that leaps immediately to mind when thinking of great supernatural romance anime and it is one I’ve binged watched on multiple occasions because it is just great fun.


Number 1: Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket - Tohru and Kyo 
Supernatural romance anime.

With Fruits Basket 2019 finally coming to a close with the Final Season, I can now say that this is my favourite supernatural romance anime. While the second and third seasons get significantly darker as we delve more into the curse of the Souma’s, Tohru’s relationships with the zodiacs continue to grow and season three doesn’t just see her romance come to fruition but pretty much every character ends up with someone.

It is impossibly sweet and heart-breaking viewing and I dare someone to try watching it without having a good cry more than once along the way. But as with all romances we do eventually get to the happily ever after phase which more or less makes you cry again but in a different way.

Anyway, if you’ve followed my coverage of Fruits Basket as it has been airing you will know I love the characters, love how the narrative develops and ultimately am very satisfied with how the anime came to an end. It totally deserves this top spot on the list.

Top 5 Supernatural Romance anime

What are your favourite supernatural romance anime?

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Beyond the Boundary Series Review

Beyond the Boundary - Cute supernatural romance anime

Beautiful Story Filled With Rich Characters


Beyond the Boundary follows Akihito, a not so normal highschool boy who is obsessed with girls wearing glasses but is also a half-shade. One day he sees a beautiful girl wearing glasses standing on the edge of the roof and thinking she’s about to commit suicide he goes to talk her down. The girl then stabs him through the chest with a sword made out of blood. And so the story starts.


I find this anime perplexing because it is both amazing and yet incredibly disappointing simultaneously. It’s beautiful to watch, it is funny, there’s some excellent action sequences, the magic and lore of the world is fantastic, it’s dramatic, and then there is that ending. No getting around that. I will say that at least it doesn’t leave us hanging but I have real issues with how this concludes. Although, like with many anime there is a follow up OVA but I haven’t watched it at this point.


However, let’s not jump to the negative straight away. Let’s go through why this is an amazing anime.

First of all the characters are fantastic fun to spend time with. Akihito is pretty jaded about some things and overly effusive about others. He’s incredibly entertaining and even though he is harbouring a deep, dark secret he doesn’t spend all his time brooding about it like so many bland protagonists. It is Akihito’s matter of fact view of so many things and his energy that actually keeps the show from flat-lining even when the plot seems to be a little bit lost. His interactions with the rest of the cast are always enjoyable. Even his obsession (fetish?) with glasses wearing girls is relatively harmless and entertaining throughout the run of the series.


Mirai on the other hand is your standard dark history, no friends, give up kind of girl. At least at the start. Her awesome power to use her own blood to kill shades notwithstanding, other than her glasses which Akihito obsesses over, she doesn’t have a lot to offer in the personality department. Fortunately she isn’t the lead character and her encounters with Akihito help to bring her out of her self-imposed shell constructed of self-loathing and teenage angst. Not saying she doesn’t actually have problems but she would be a lot less interesting if she was on her own.

The Nase’s are an interesting family and all three of them add various necessary elements into the cast as do the appraisers. As a support cast they are really entertaining and as Akihito has an existing relationship with all of these characters that is more complex than it looks on the surface they add a little bit of depth to the story as well.


Secondly, this is a really pretty anime. Prettiness alone isn’t enough to make something amazing but it certainly helps the story along. Whether it is the striking sun sets, the magic, the combat, or just the characters sitting around and reading, this always looks really gorgeous. There’s a few moments where the quality falters but that’s kind of expected.


Thirdly, the story itself. Akihito is an immortal half-shade. He literally cannot be killed and yet Mirai has been sent to kill him. She spends a lot of the early part of the series attempting to do so and failing miserably. That’s funny and all but if that was all there was to the story it would wear thin pretty fast.

Fortunately it all gets a bit more complicated with the human half of Akihito losing control when he is particularly weakened. We’re shown the consequences of a previous loss of control in the scars on one character’s back and we see him lose it after he saves Mirai. The other characters have to pull off some pretty fantastic magic to even contain him when he loses it. And then things get worse.

Three great reasons to love Beyond the Boundary.

Now, the ending. Yep, spoilers a plenty so if you haven’t watched, stop now.


I know some people don’t mind the ending but I just found it really, really tedious. Mirai sacrifices herself to stop the shade inside Akihito and defeat it without killing him but instead of that being the end we get some sort of dream world inside the shade where Mirai continues to fight. Akihito, once he realises this, gains some stone with power and follows after her and they fight their way to the core and kill the thing for good only now Mirai disappears. And then he finds her on the roof of the school.

Seriously? She sacrificed herself once, died a second time, and somehow she’s just standing there on the roof of the school. Happy ending. Wait. That does not make any sense and essentially undermines her sacrifice. Plus it makes no sense. How unpleasant.

Everytime I watch this anime I really enjoy it until I get to that ending and then… It all kind of falls apart.

Anyway, if you like fantasy and magic with a bit of romance and action, Beyond the Boundary is quite a pleasing watch. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you about the ending.

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