Top 5 Survival Anime – Murder Games, Zombies and More

Top 5 Survival Anime

With Battle Game in 5 Seconds coming to a close and Platinum End about to kick off yet more characters facing off against one another it felt like an appropriate time to look at my favourite survival anime. While not all of these are death game, battle royale style anime, they all involve characters fighting for survival. I'd love to know your favourite survival anime so be sure to leave me a comment.

Best Anime of 2019 – Sci-Fi Anime

Best Anime 2019

Science fiction and anime go very handily together. Now I'm sure those who followed my blog last year will already know which sci-fi anime I thought was the best but for everyone else, be sure to read and find out.

Best Anime of 2019 – Fighting Anime

Best Anime 2019

When I first started out with anime it seemed all anime were fighting anime (of course, all the ones that seemed to ever be accessible were). Now I realise how many anime have nothing to do with fighting so it makes finding a fighting anime that really grabs my attention feel even more special.

Best Anime of 2019 – Slice of Life Anime

Best Anime 2019

While I'm not the biggest slice of life fan, 2019 had me watching more than my fair share of SOL anime. This is my pick for best slice of life anime of the 2019.

Best Anime of 2019 – Continuing or Rebooted Anime

Best Anime 2019

Which returning series did you anticipate the most for 2019? Which one delivered? Here I look for the best continuing or rebooted anime series from 2019.

Best Anime of 2019 – Relaxing Anime

Best Anime 2019

Ah, the anime I most want to curl up and watch on a cold, rainy day when work has gone poorly and I just want to drink some hot-chocolate and feel relaxing bliss... That show you just imagined will be different for everyone depending on what clicks for them but here is my pick for best relaxing anime of 2019.