Last Day: Vote on the Best and Worst Anime of the Season

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 13 Rimuru

Here we go. The poll is closing today so last chance to have your say. First up, vote for your favourite anime of the season. Which anime made you smile, laugh, cry, and just made you want to hit play the minute the episode launched? You can vote for up to three and the only requirement is that you liked it.

Alright, and moving straight on to the worst of the season. Remembering, this is the worst anime you actually watched. We’re not voting for shows we assumed were horrible from either the PV or the first episode. This skews the results meaning the ‘worst’ anime is usually an average one, but it is the worst one that the readers actually watched this season.

Thank you for voting and if you could, please share the poll. The more the merrier.

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Reflections on January 2017

Blonde Anime Girl - Serena from Sailor Moon

I did say I would stop celebrating each month the blog was kept alive but I do like taking the first of the month (given my first post just happened to be a first of the month) to reflect on what has happened.

Probably the biggest thing that happened in January was I made the decision that I want to invest more time (in the long run) in this blog and be able to expand my content and so for that purpose I’ve joined patreon (and not just to be obnoxious with self-promotion). Mostly I’m looking to be able to have more time that can be devoted to blogging so that I can develop a wider range of content for my blog and continue to become more engaged with the aniblogging community. This is definitely an aspirational kind of goal but when I started thinking about what I wanted from 100 Word Anime and how to get there, this seemed like an important first step. I do want to thank everyone who promoted the fact that I joined patreon on Twitter and have offered words of encouragement as I want to thank the patrons I gained in January. These may be small steps but they have meant a lot to me.

Okay, outside of that what’s happened in January?


Well, I’ve managed to stay on schedule for posting. Since I dropped from 4 posts a day back in June to 3, I’ve been a lot more consistent. While I’d love to increase the range of content and maybe go back to 4 posts a day, realistically I can’t at the moment with work and life but long term we’ll see what happens.

I passed the 800 follower mark for WordPress follower which was kind of exciting (by kind of exciting read I did a little dance and that kind of physical exertion is saved for very rare occasions).  What I want to work on more than the number of followers though is the engagement of people with this blog because there’s probably around 100 – 200 followers who actually regularly interact with me and respond to my posts throughout the week (and you are all awesome and I love the sense of community that I’ve found on WordPress). So while the 800 number looks nice, and it does look nice, I’m thinking there is still a lot of work to do here. That said, I wouldn’t object to reaching a target of 1000 followers by Easter. That would be kind of cool.

For some reason January 21 was my best day ever for traffic with 262 views. Why that day? I really have no idea and I’ve gone over it, looked at the posts and comments but I can’t see anything significantly different about that day, but it was a good day and it has given me a new target to chase.

My best post ever in terms of views is still actually Yuri On Ice episode 1. Closely followed by episode 7 and 10. I wonder what happened in those episodes that got people clicking? (Smiles at the memory of episodes 7 and 10.)

But my best post in January was the best and worst of 2016 (in my opinion).

Thanks to all my readers and happy anime watching throughout February.

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