The Desperation of Both Sides in a War

The Price of Smiles Post Title Image

The Price of Smiles Episode 5 Review - Even though we've spent barely an episode prior with Stella and her team, this week the Price of Smiles shows that it can make you care about characters in a very short space of time. To the point where it is difficult to know if you are hoping for them to succeed or fail as they move in behind the enemy position.


The Small Victory and Loss Within a Greater Battle

Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary Episode Review Title Image

Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary Episode 13: The empire isn't brought low but for some this is their final battle and the personal drama takes more or less centre stage in this final episode of the season.

Lost Technology First Impressions – A Reasonably Priced Addiction

Alright, so after last week's cull from my watch list I had a few holes in my review line up for this week, and so I decided to post my impressions of a game that was recommended to me through another blog. It isn't my usual genre of gaming but for $4 I was game … Continue reading Lost Technology First Impressions – A Reasonably Priced Addiction

Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 49

Review: Orga's death hits Tekkadan hard but Mikazuki actually takes some initiative, even if he is just using Orga's words to rally the others followed by the blunt threat of violence. I'm not sure if this counts as development or not but it is more proactive than we have seen Mikazuki before. Spoilers below. Someone … Continue reading Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 49

Hand Shakers Episode 12

Review: This show and I do not mesh but this is the toned down version of the rant because the first draft was unpublishable in every sense of the word. So, let's just fight, a lot, with attacks we've never seen before and don't know the rules of so don't really have any reason to … Continue reading Hand Shakers Episode 12

Hand Shakers Episode 11

Review: So some of the missing pieces were explained, through a heavily narrated way too long flashback sequence. You know when ACCA decided to give us the backstory, they gave it to us from the perspective of an interesting character and we gained more of an understanding of the world and the characters we were … Continue reading Hand Shakers Episode 11

Iron Blooded Orpahns Episode 46

Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 46

Review: Shino's death hits hard (you know, unlike the other half the cast that already died, we actually cared about Shino) and after the dust of the battle settles (or, rather Tekkadan and co scurry away to potential safety) we get the regret, the lamentation and the half-hearted I'm glad you didn't die speeches. Yamagi … Continue reading Iron Blooded Orpahns Episode 46