Autumn 2016 Week 13

This is my last overview for Autumn. Though I don't think many of the Winter shows are starting straight up so not sure what next week will bring yet. Anyway, this is my final list and tomorrow I've got my reflection post with the best and worst for the year as well as the result … Continue reading Autumn 2016 Week 13

Autumn 2016 Week 12

This is pretty much it. Some shows have wrapped and others are on their way to final episodes. A handful of shows will continue on. I'll have one more Autumn overview and then I'll start thinking about my final thoughts on the season and what I'm going to watch next. Feel free to share your … Continue reading Autumn 2016 Week 12

Autumn 2016 Week 11

Week 11 some shows are wrapping up, others are getting ready to go into their second half, and all of them are still clamoring for our attention. It's been a really mixed week and there's been some movement in the list. As always, please feel free to tell me what you think about the season … Continue reading Autumn 2016 Week 11

Autumn 2016 Week 10

Week 10 has been interesting. Some things got better, some got worse, many shows shifted their character focus this week and some really showed us they were getting ready for their climax. I know some people have been fairly indifferent to the anime this season but this has actually been my favourite season so far … Continue reading Autumn 2016 Week 10

Autumn 2016 Week 9

Week 9 has come and I am getting really excited about the ends of some shows. Flip Flappers because I may eventually find out if there has been a point to anything. WIXOSS because I'd love to see just how much pain they are going to bring for the finale. Izetta because I've liked it … Continue reading Autumn 2016 Week 9

Autumn 2016 Week 8

Well, the end of week 8 and that week sure was something. Not really sure what I expected but some of these episodes really didn't deliver (in both good and bad ways). Some shows clearly demonstrated they were ramping things up while others feel a little bit lost. All and all though, I'm still enjoying … Continue reading Autumn 2016 Week 8

Autumn 2016 Week 7

At the end of week 7 of Autumn 2016 and the anime are really working hard now to either keep our attention or just ensure they don't fall apart toward the end. For the shorter shows we're about to hit the final sprint to the finish. That said there are plenty of shows going beyond … Continue reading Autumn 2016 Week 7

Autumn 2016 Week 6

Week 6, here we are. Halfway for 12 episode shows. My honest opinion of Autumn so far is that I'm actually really enjoying this season. There's a number of dropped shows (or unwatched shows) that I'm interested in and am enjoying reading the reviews of others and the shows I'm watching have been highly entertaining … Continue reading Autumn 2016 Week 6

Autumn 2016 Week 5

Okay, week 5 and I'm finding that this season is a little bit strange in that other than the handful of must watch shows, the others are all a bit hit and miss from episode to episode. There are some great ideas out there this season but some of the delivery has just been a … Continue reading Autumn 2016 Week 5

Autumn 2016 Week 4

Week 4 and hasn't this been fun? And look, Bungo Stray Dogs gave us a series final 4 weeks in. Not really, but it felt that way while watching it. Anyway, some shows have delivered and others have simply spat out another episode, but here are my thoughts on what I'm watching. As always, I … Continue reading Autumn 2016 Week 4