Assassins Pride Episodes 7 + 8 Review

Assassins Episode 7 8

Assassins Pride continues to do little with concepts that could be interesting, this week plunging us into a murder-mystery kind of plot only one that lacks any real tension and feels utterly disconnected from the whole Melida Angel storyline that seemed to be the point of the anime. Some pretty scenery notwithstanding, episodes 7 + 8 delivery little to recommend this anime.

Assassins Pride Episodes 5 + 6 Review

Assassins Episode 5 6

Another two episodes of Assassins Pride and I'm thoroughly convinced that this anime doesn't know what it wants to be. Between school slice of life antics, tournaments that are over before they start and supernatural drama there's so many possible paths and yet no clarity or focus. The end result is that by episode 6 I'm finding myself watching the clock more than the show.

Assassins Pride Episode 4 Review

Assassins Episode 4

Okay, after last week's reveal this week returns to Melida's school life and they pull a Goblet of Fire move by nominating her and Elise to be the school representatives in a tournament. I fear that Elise's character is starting to be a bit of a drain on this series, but otherwise this episode works well enough.

Assassins Pride Episode 2 Review

Assassins Episode 2

Episode 2 isn't exactly mind blowing here but Assassins Pride is kind of finding its feet and building on its shaky start. Whether it can build momentum now or whether it will trip over its own feet remains to be seen.