Spring Overview Week 9

Week 9 has come and gone and I am definitely starting to feel a growing sense of impatience for next season. There are just too many shows this Spring that could disappear and I probably wouldn't even notice. Those into slice of life, there are actually quite a few sweet titles out at the moment, … Continue reading Spring Overview Week 9


Assassination Classroom Episode 42

Review: After the momentum of the previous episodes this one shifts gears and stuffs around with Valentine's day chocolates and looking to the future. This episode is full of small vignettes between characters and it reveals little new information but consolidates relationships and developments that we've been aware of for awhile. The few half-hearted attempts … Continue reading Assassination Classroom Episode 42

Spring Overview Week 8

This week has been crazy busy with work and other non-anime related things that I won't bore people with. As a result, even watching the shows for my daily review has been a little challenging so there are a few I've just not caught up with yet this week. For those shows, they won't move … Continue reading Spring Overview Week 8

Assassination Classroom Episode 41

Review: More Karma being Karma. As much as these characters have evolved since the first episode, I'm really glad their essential personality hasn't changed. They have a broader perspective of the world and they think more deeply about things, but they are who they have always been with more skills and confidence. Onto episode 41, … Continue reading Assassination Classroom Episode 41

Assassination Classroom Episode 40

Reivew: Kuro-Sensei, shut up. That's really it. This was the perfect match off between Karma and Nagisa and everything was beautifully conveyed through their actions and thoughts. We did not need to be continuously dragged from the tension by Kuro's cheap narration. While I have thought this previously, it has never annoyed me as much … Continue reading Assassination Classroom Episode 40

Assassination Classroom Episode 39

Overview: The students in E Class have a new teacher; one who is threatening to destroy the world. That is, unless they can assassinate him before graduation. Review: These last two episodes have been amazing. It really feels like the story is coming together, information is revealed that was long over-due and it feels like … Continue reading Assassination Classroom Episode 39