2016 Reflection

Okay, with the Winter, Spring and Summer anime seasons more or less done and dusted, I felt it was a good time to look at my favourite anime for the year. I'll do my final best of 2016 list after the Autumn season concludes. I'm going to point out that Sailor Moon Crystal and D … Continue reading 2016 Reflection


Assassination Classroom Series Review

Okay, I am reviewing the whole of Assassination Classroom here given I never did do a season 1 review and the story just continues across the 2 seasons anyway. Overview: The moon has been blown up but that doesn't really worry the students in E Class as they are the lowest of the low and … Continue reading Assassination Classroom Series Review

Assassination Classroom Episode 47

Also a week late but here it is. Review: This final episode ties up all the loose ends and shows us what happens to all the characters after finally carrying out their assassination. It works for people who have watched the whole series and really bonded with these characters, but as a stand alone episode … Continue reading Assassination Classroom Episode 47

Assassination Classroom Episode 46

Review: COMPLETE SPOILER ALERT! DO NOT READ ON IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THIS FAR!       Well, you were warned.       They killed him. I'm sitting here, still slightly trembling and fighting the urge to cry, again, and just trying to take in that they actually did it. That shouldn't be … Continue reading Assassination Classroom Episode 46

Assassination Classroom Episode 45

Review: I have mixed feelings about this. The first half of the episode was kind of ho-hum. Yes we had an epic battle going on but that isn't why I watch the show and the students were totally sidelined leaving little if any of the usual tone of the show. Plus the villain never shuts … Continue reading Assassination Classroom Episode 45

Spring Overview Week 11

Week 11 kind of fizzled and has slunk away quietly. Super Lovers is finished and other shows are wrapping. At this late stage in the season there hasn't been much movement on the list. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on the season below. I Must Keep Watching Here we go again. … Continue reading Spring Overview Week 11

Tuesday’s Top 5: Top 5 Red-Heads (Male)

Tuesday's Top 5

Last week we featured the female red-heads of the anime world. This week we turn our attention to the guys. Going to be honest, for those of you who have been following my blog you probably already have a pretty good idea who the number one is going to be on this list. As this … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Top 5 Red-Heads (Male)

Assassination Classroom Episode 44

Review: The first half of this episode is pure fun. The students show us the full extent of their training as they go to see their teacher one more time. Then we get a lecture about life lessons, which fits with the show so we'll ignore the fact that it puts a serious downer on … Continue reading Assassination Classroom Episode 44

Spring Overview Week 10

Week 10 has actually been quite entertaining as all the shows are starting to charging toward the finish line (or are busily in the process of self-destruction which is also kind of entertaining). I added my first list this week and was really happy with the discussion that generated, so thanks to everyone who read … Continue reading Spring Overview Week 10

Assassination Classroom Episode 43

Review: This episode started where the last left off, with E Class goofing around on end of year activities. However, this week we rapidly took a turn for the serious when the government finally decided to make their move. And it was more effective than expected which has actually left us some room to wonder … Continue reading Assassination Classroom Episode 43