Sagrada Reset Episodes 17 + 18: Too Late To Save It But Things Are Finally Moving

Review Episode 17: It is a shame it has taken 17 episodes to get to this point where finally the audience is given some insight into how such a town came to be and what its purpose might have been. Though, outside of that, the story continues as Kei tries to correct everything he sees … Continue reading Sagrada Reset Episodes 17 + 18: Too Late To Save It But Things Are Finally Moving


Sagrada Reset Episode 14

Review: This episode kind of took talk fest to a new level as we had various characters insist they are right and that they know some sort of truth and the audience is left wondering what the point of any of it is given everything of consequence occurs only within the dream world. If they … Continue reading Sagrada Reset Episode 14

Sagrada Reset Episode 13

Review: Sagrada Reset continues to be a frustrating and yet intriguing watch. Once again, the delivery is pretty dull as characters have stilted and vaguely robotic conversations that don't quite get around to telling us anything but sound like the should have a point.   Still, the introduction of a power that actually writes a … Continue reading Sagrada Reset Episode 13

Sagrada Reset Episode 12

Review: I'm kind of lost again with the timeline on this story. I think we jumped forward again after the resurrection/recovery of Sumire but I'm not entirely sure. That aside, she's alive and giving cryptic messages and answers to people seemingly for the sake of them not explaining things. That really drives me crazy about … Continue reading Sagrada Reset Episode 12