Watch or Drop? Is Blue Period Worth Watching?

Watch or Drop Blue Period

With two episodes available on Netflix I decided to check out Blue Period. While I'm not huge on slice-of-life anime, I'd read some positive reviews around the first episode and was interested. But is Blue Period worth watching?

Have You Found ‘The Free Spirit Anime’?

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We all know there are some amazingly talented people in the community and it is always great finding a new blog to read or view that has something interesting about it. Today I'd like to introduce a blog that might be fun to check out if you haven't already found it.

This Art Club Has A Problem Episode 3 – Lessons to Takeaway

This Art Club Has a Problem Episode 3

There's so much to learn from anime. Let's look at episode 3 and see what these characters can teach us.

Friday’s Feature: There Are Many Ways To Appreciate Anime

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Anime is... I'm certain most of you were finishing that sentence for yourself and I'm absolutely certain that for every reader the answer is going to end up being a little bit different (even if the same word comes to mind). Why? Because even at the individual level, I watch anime for a wide variety … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: There Are Many Ways To Appreciate Anime

Re: Hamatora Series Review


Overview: The sequel to Hamatora, the story picks up immediately after the events in season 1 so be prepared for a few major spoilers for season 1 if you read on. Review: Hamatora is an enjoyable enough story with a bit of mystery, a bit of super powered violence, some friendship stuff and a lot … Continue reading Re: Hamatora Series Review