Anniversary Follower Feature: Arria Cross


As part of my 1 year anniversary, I’m running a series of posts on some of my amazing followers who have volunteered to be a part of the celebration. I often say this in my monthly reflections, but without the followers and the wonderful bloggers I’ve met since starting this blog, 100 Word Anime wouldn’t still be around so I really wanted to do something during this week to highlight the amazing people who have really made blogging a rewarding experience.

Follower Feature: Arria Cross


I doubt there are many people in the aniblogging community who haven’t come across Arria at some point and if you haven’t jump on over to her blog: Fujinsei. In addition to being an active member of the online anime community, Arria runs monthly blog carnivals which gives so many of us a chance to share our posts and to find other anime bloggers. It’s this kind of community spirit that I have come to love since becoming a blogger. If you’ve never participated (though I think there is a carnival open now) then you should check out last month with the 11th Carnival. So many people have nominated great posts to read so if you were looking for an anime blog or just something new, you’re sure to find something in the carnival.

In addition to just being an amazing person for hosting the carnivals (and reading every entry and highlighting posts that she enjoyed from the carnival), Arria posts some very funny articles (okay, there are also quite serious posts and news and lists and product promotions) but I absolutely love her sense of humour in some of her posts. Her 13 Signs That You’ve Watched Too Much Death Note and 10 Signs That You’ve Watched Too Much Yuri On Ice are both funny and probably more true than most of us would like to admit.

However, for a more serious discussion, Arria recommends “Racewashing in ‘Attack on Titan’ Films & Other Adaptations (OWLS Blog Tour)“. It’s a great read and looks at the importance of racial identity.

I asked participants to give me a quick 100 words about what they like about anime or my blog. Arria said:
“I’ve been watching anime ever since I can remember. I don’t even remember the first anime that I watched because I was too young. Watching anime was precious family bonding time, especially with my dad who was crazy with Dragon Ball at the time. Anime, simply put, is a big part of my life.

After a stint as a book reviewer, I decided to become an aniblogger and created my blog Fujinsei. Almost 3 years later, I’m still having a blast combining my love for anime and writing. But what I love the most is the community of fellow anime fans and bloggers, including Karandi here, whose friendship I’m always grateful for. I hope that I can continue being an aniblogger with these amazing people, and of course, watch more anime!”

Thanks Arria for participating in the anniversary and thanks for your ongoing support for 100 Word Anime. A special thank you for everything you do for the online anime community.

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