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Holmes of Kyoto Episode 9: And Then Nothing Happened


And dropped. Last week I was already comparing this story to about as exciting as watching paint dry and episode 9 was, if anything, more dull. So what analogy can I use for this one? Maybe like following lint flowing on air currents with your eyes? Potentially like waiting for a monument to erode from … Continue reading Holmes of Kyoto Episode 9: And Then Nothing Happened

Holmes of Kyoto Episode 8: It’s Christmas and Alibis


I'm not sure that there was any real focus this week. We have Aoi asking Holmes about what he meant to tell her, some random hiring at a cafe, some I'll help you study moments, before we finally get a case, and even then it is all just all over the place. Despite all that, I'd argue this was a long, slow twenty minutes watching the tedium unfold.

Holmes of Kyoto Episode 7: Ensho Appears Again


Well, our resident counterfeiter who for whatever reason has decided his life's goal is to humiliate Holmes as turned up again, this time playing a fairly obvious game before confronting the young appraiser. I'm just not sure this is as thrilling as it sounded in someone's head before it became an anime.