10 Days – 10 Anime Boys Round Up Post

Anime Boys

In the count down to Valentine’s Day I ran the series of posts looking at 10 Anime Boys. Now, I’m putting them altogether in one round up post. If you want to know why I chose a particular boy, click the link and read the full post.

Who were my 10 anime boys?

Favourite Male Romantic Lead in Anime – Zen

Favourite Anime Bad Boy – Sebastian

Favourite Male Supporting Character in Anime – Ishida

Favourite Male Dominated Anime Cast – Yuri on Ice

Favourite Male Weirdo in Anime – Okabe

Anime Boy I’d Turn To In A Crisis – Kirito

Anime Boy I’d Want At A Party – Takato

Anime Boy I Would Friend-Zone – Rei

Anime Boy I’d Find Annoying in Real Life – Bell

Anime Boy I Want in My Dreams – Kougami

And there it is. The full round up from the 10 Days: 10 Anime Boys series.

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10 Days – 10 Anime Boys: Day 10 – The Anime Boy You Secretly Want To Appear In Your Dreams

Anime Boys

And then it was Valentine’s Day and we get to the final day of 10 Anime Boys. Let’s get right to it with the anime boy you secretly want to appear in your dreams.

Is this the Anime Boy You Secretly Want To Appear In Your Dreams?


Kougami Shinya

This is probably another guy who in real life would be more trouble than he was worth with his hard-headed approach to life and reckless nature in the pursuit of revenge. Yet Kougami Shinya from Psycho Pass is an awesome character to admire from a distance and so is the perfect guy to call into your dreams.

the anime boy you secretly want to appear in your dreams

Reason One: See above.

Again, a super shallow reason but an honest one.

Actually, if I’m really honest I’m not super into that particular body type, however Kougami kind of makes the whole package work. And again, from a distance, it’s pretty great to look at.

psycho pass

Reason Two: Pretty sure you can’t suffer from second hand smoke in a dream (or at least I hope my subconscious is smart enough not to).

The distance of having Kougami in a dream rather than in reality allows me to wrinkle out some of his less desirable character traits (such as his habit of lighting up a cigarette in front of characters who clearly don’t like the smoke).

While Kougami looks incredibly cool in most shots of Psycho Pass, I’d have to admit I’d probably find the smell on his clothes and on his breath hard to take in reality. The distance that being an anime character or in a dream creates is probably incredibly important here.


Reason Three: He’s tough, smart, and driven.

Alright, there’s a lot to admire about Kougami outside of his looks. If his friend hadn’t been cut to pieces by a serial killer, quite possibly Kougami would have lived a very peaceful and upstanding life. Then again, his penchant for digging deeper into things and questioning probably would have got him in trouble with the system sooner or later and possibly the same outcome would have occurred.

Regardless, Kougami’s character is fairly admirable in the way he can piece things together and that he has confidence to act on his own thoughts. It makes him a pretty admirable character even if he is a little on the reckless side.

Kougami Shinya is my choice for anime boy I secretly want to appear in my dreams but I’d love to know yours. Then again, I don’t think many people would complain about Kougami showing up in their dreams (unless he was pursuing you in which case that could probably be a nightmare).


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10 Days – 10 Anime Boys: Day 9 – The Anime Boy You Find Incredibly Annoying

Anime Boys

This would be such an easy post to just pick an annoying character and call it a day given there are a number of characters that would fit the description of anime boy you find incredibly annoying.

But I decided instead I wanted to pick a character that doesn’t seem like they should be annoying, but when thinking about spending time with them in the real world, you realise they’d be really annoying. That may be over complicating what should be a simple category but I didn’t want to have a post devoted to Zenitsu from Demon Slayer.

The Anime Boy You Find Incredibly Annoying


Bell Cranel

Alright, if you’ve followed my blog for some time you will know I actually really like Bell as the protagonist of DanMachi. He’s the super nice protagonist who helps all the girls and is devoted to his goddess that manages to continually improve his strength and speed in order to become his ideal hero. He’s a great character. However, if you take him out of the anime and have this as the guy in your workplace, Bell’s going to be the kind of guy who annoys me to tears.

DanMachi9g 1

Reason One: Groundless optimism.

This isn’t a Bell unique trait by any means. So many anime protagonists have optimism that stems seemingly from nothing other than their own desire for something to be so. In Bell’s case, he wants to be the kind of hero he read about as a child. He wants to defeat the monsters, save the girls, fall in love, and never really suffer a defeat or a loss. Against all odds or reason he will persist if it is the right thing to do.

While that makes him a great protagonist to follow as he’s always striving for an ideal and reaching higher, in real life the cynic in me just knows that I’d probably be trying to ground some of that optimism in realism. Working with Bell on a project would be tiring because he’d be hoping things work out if you just put in enough effort rather than looking for real and practical solutions or work-arounds. Honestly, it would be exhausting.

the anime boy you find incredibly annoying

Reason Two: Severe over-reactions to mundane things.

Seriously, this hero can face down a minotaur and take on a goliath but having an actual conversation with a girl about his feelings is beyond him. Forget having a conversation with his goddess about them. Bell’s comical over-reactions might be entertaining enough in the anime (it is one of my least favourite parts) but in reality this would just be completely annoying to the point where you’d almost want to give him a good shake.


Reason Three: He’s a little on the self-destructive side.

How many times has Bell had his armour broken and ended up seriously injured relying on potions or magic to see him through an ordeal? If Bell were actually someone you worked with he’d have you anxious every time he went to use the paper shredder because somehow that would become an epic battle and I can almost definitely see Bell coming out on the losing side of that. With Bell around a first aid kit is a must have item and while your busy putting safety labels on literally everything, Bell is blithely stirring up trouble through quite innocent means elsewhere.

Let me reiterate – I really like Bell as a character. However, he’s the kind of character that only works in the context of his story. He is not the kind of guy I want to be around in the real world because honestly he would just be incredibly annoying.

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