Bloodivores Episode 12

Review: How many synonyms are there for saying something is bad? There we go, episode 12 of Bloodivores reviewed in all its shining glory. Not only is this series without any resolution, the one reveal of any note this episode was something we'd all kind of figured out (or at least suspe cted) since episode … Continue reading Bloodivores Episode 12

Bloodivores Episode 11

Review: So unless I misread it, this show has one more episode and there's no chance at all that we'll get answers to the great mysteries underlying the series. We spend most of this week attempting to first stab and then blow up Lee Shin (because he totally deserves it). In this fight we regularly … Continue reading Bloodivores Episode 11

Bloodivores Episode 10

Review: Does anyone else have a problem with Mi Liu essentially feeding Lee Shin to a monster just because Lee Shin's awakening power is an inconvenience to Mi Liu's most recent half-thought-out 'plan'? Or was that just me? As an episode, Bloodivores this week was not great (not that it has ever really been great). … Continue reading Bloodivores Episode 10

Bloodivores Episode 9

Review: "If you're not with me than you're against me." Okay, not exactly what orange haired guy who is overly strong said, but close enough to capture the sentiment because why not have two separate factions of inmates fighting it out for no reason while being trapped in a possible parallel dimension with exploding collars … Continue reading Bloodivores Episode 9

Bloodivores Episode 8

Review: Bloodivores consistently manages to destroy any reason to care about the characters or the show. We have two lackeys this week who encounter Mi Liu on his way to investigate some random room that apparently the others found the week before but they didn't bother to tell us about it then and we only … Continue reading Bloodivores Episode 8

Bloodivores Episode 6

Review: I wonder if the writer's of Bloodivores are paying attention to their own storyline. Why are the Bloodivore prisoners surprised that someone in the prison is attempting to bite someone else? Why do they exclaim "He's a Bloodivore"? It all just seems a bit redundant. Not to mention if Mi Liu is into Anji … Continue reading Bloodivores Episode 6

Bloodivores Episodes 4

Review: At least someone is asking what happened to all these missing Bloodivores. It doesn't look like he's actually going to find an answer any time soon (and I'm pretty sure that they are setting him up to get in over his head and then killed) but at least someone is asking. That said, our … Continue reading Bloodivores Episodes 4