Would Bofuri work if the protagonist wasn’t a cute female character?

I'm no stranger to discussing the appeal of cute or kawaii characters in anime (previous posts including "Just Add Cute" and "Is Being Kawaii Enough To Make You Watch an Anime?") however today I really do just want to discuss the Winter 2020 anime Bofuri also known as "Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku … Continue reading Would Bofuri work if the protagonist wasn’t a cute female character?

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song Episode 1 Impressions

Post sponsored by Ashley Capes. Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song is a new original anime that I am going into with very little idea about what to expect and I must say this first episode certainly sets up what might be an intriguing story. Here are my full thoughts on the episode...

Your Life If You Were In An Anime

Did you ever wonder what it would be like if you were the protagonist of an anime? I kind of did in 2016 and so this post was born. Though there's definitely a fantasy slant on this one so I might have to do a new post about your life as an anime if you were in a different genre as a follow up. Anyway, hope you enjoy. First published May 2016.

Is It Okay To Enjoy An Anime When The Characters Act Questionably?

You've watched an anime that you mostly enjoyed but you know one or more of the characters have behaved in a way that has gained some criticism. Do you still tell people you enjoyed the anime or do you censor your own enjoyment in order to avoid criticism of being called 'degenerate' for enjoying the story? This is a real issue for anime fans on the internet and I'd love to know your story.

The Promised Neverland Season 2 Series Review

While nothing in this second season will change my opinion that season one of The Promised Neverland was an excellent, well crafted narrative that hit just the right emotional notes, there's no avoiding the fact that season 2 is pretty much everything season 1 wasn't and the end result is a less than satisfying mess. Be sure to read the full review and I'd love to know your thoughts on the series so leave me a comment. I will however warn there are spoilers for the final episode in this review which I would normally avoid but in this case I kind of feel I should spare people from having to watch this themselves so it is kind of needed.

Catch The Podcast

If you haven't caught up with the 100wordanime podcast yet, here are all currently available episodes. Due to Easter travel I won't be able to record anything new until next week. Feedback always welcome.

Moriarty The Patriot Series Review

We're back in Victorian London, a setting that anime has well and truly visited before, and once again taking on Sherlock's story though this time we're finding out about William James Moriarty. It is an interesting take on the character though I'm not entirely sure they've nailed the execution here.

Top 5 Blandest Isekai Anime That Seem To Put In Zero Effort

Top 5 Blandest Isekai Anime That Seem To Put In Zero Effort

While I love a good isekai anime with the vast open worlds and potential for exploration, magic and adventure, even I have to admit that more than a few anime where protagonists find themselves sent to another world just come across as lazy. Here are the top 5 isekai anime that I watched to the end that pretty much just seemed to not be putting in any effort to engage and were mostly going through the motions of following a plot line that had been made popular by more successful (and usually better written) shows.

Shiki Series Review

Shiki is one of those horror anime I return to again and again. Those who aren't the biggest fans of slow and suspenseful stories that ultimately go full blood bath are unlikely to find much here of interest, but for fans of the horror genre and vampire stories, there's a lot to appreciate. Read the full review. First published May 2016.

Mars Red Episode 1 Review

The Spring 2021 anime season is kicking off and that means Irina and I are getting back together for some episode reviews. Mars Red is the first of the two anime we'll cover together this season and here are our first impressions.