Ranking The Anime Girls of Slime 300 From Worst to Best

Ranking the Girls From Slime 300

While it should go without saying, this ranking of the anime girls in Slime 300 is entirely my own opinion and is really based on fairly arbitrary factors. For instance I considered how much the ‘plot’, such as it is, of this isekai anime would have suffered without the character as well as how the character balances with the rest of the cast. That said, I’d love to know your rankings for the characters because I’m sure there are some other opinions out there.

For those who don’t know, I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level is an isekai anime where our protagonist, Azusa, has been reincarnated as a more or less immortal witch and because she’s been killing slimes in the highlands for 300 years, she’s now pretty much unkillable. That said, the anime chooses to focus on the various female characters who drop into Azusa’s once peaceful life and by episode 9 the scene is looking pretty crowded.

Azusa's once empty home is getting fuller.
Image from Slime 300 anime 2021.

So how many characters have we met that have been remembered for me to rank? We have:

  • Azusa (highland witch)
  • Laika (red dragon)
  • Halkara (elf)
  • Shalsha and Falfa (slime spirits)
  • Beelzebub (demon)
  • Flatorte (blue dragon)
  • Rosalie (ghost)
  • Pecora (demon king)

And we could add in more characters if we count the girl at the guild, the various slimes that took on the form of young girls, other demons, and another witch we encountered. But hey, the list is long enough.

For the sake of fairness, I am actually going to leave Azusa out of the rankings. She’s an interesting enough character, though perhaps could have been a bit more interesting, but as the protagonist she definitely gets more screen time and solid plot moments than the others. That leaves us with 7 characters (counting Shalsha and Falfa as a single entity).

The Worst Anime Girl from Slime 300 – Flatorte

Flatorte - Blue Dragon
Image from Slime 300 anime 2021.
Solid reasoning.

Flatorte first appeared in episode 4 and entered an already overcrowded field. Like most of the girls in Slime 300, she entered the anime initially as an antagonist, however she really did come off poorly. As a one off character she could have been tolerable but more recent episodes have thrown her back into the mix and to be honest, she adds little.

Being tone deaf and playing the fish out of water really don’t work when other characters already have these quirks covered and her ‘conflict’ with the red dragon girl is largely just background noise. Her abrupt personality shift to submissive was also pretty absurd and so far she’s mostly just taken over Halkara’s role of being the butt of jokes that don’t quite land.

Maybe this character will improve but really I could have done without her.

Slightly Better Girl From Slime 300 – Pecora

Pecora - Demon King
Image from Slime 300 anime 2021
The loli demon king.

Arriving on the scene in episode 6, it wasn’t until episode 7 that Pecora really made her presence felt. As a character potentially rivalling the protagonist in power she seemed like she could be an interesting addition to the cast or possibly even an actual antagonist to shake up the otherwise feel good nature of the story.

Pecora also suffered much the same probably as Flatorte in that with so many key personality types already taken up, she ends up being almost a parody as she pleads to be dominated by her ‘older sister’ and generally goes through more personality switches in the space of an episode than most characters should go through over a season.

There’s also just no room in the core group for her by the time she appeared on the scene. This anime girl came too late and as they flew away from the castle and Pecora I breathed a sigh of relief. A little too soon as it turns out they encounter her again later but with Pecora, less will definitely be more.

Alright But Could Better Girl From Slime 300 – Halkara

Halkara - Elf Girl
Image from Slime 300 Anime 2021
An advertisement for essentially an energy drink in a fantasy – delivered by a blonde elf in a bikini.

There’s not a lot wrong with Halkara other than I have a personal dislike for how she’s been used by the plot. Introduced in episode 3, seeking refuge with the witch from a demon, Halkara is essentially a pretty savvy business woman but you wouldn’t know it from some of the stupid things the writers have her do.

Basically, since her introduction, if the story has needed someone to stuff something up, possess, use for a slightly raunchy joke, or a punching bag, Halkara has been thrown under the bus. I think the only reason she hasn’t been literally tossed under is because this is a fantasy and there are no buses.

I’d like to like Halkara, but really, of the core ‘family’ members she’s definitely the weak link.

The Good But Not Exciting Anime Girl From Slime 300 – Laika

Laika - Dragon Girl
Images from Slime 300 anime 2021.
Dragon Girl Laika knows how to leave us waiting.

Laika was the first of the girls to visit Azusa in her lonely mountain home way back in episode 1. In fact, Laika broke Azusa’s house during their duel and was forced to repair it which lead to the construction of the oversized house the crew now live in.

She came in as a fairly interesting character with quite a lot of ambition and she was a dragon. She’s also demonstrated a vast knowledge of magic at times and has been the most constant companion of Azusa.

So why is Laika sitting in the middle of this list?

Well, she’s just not that interesting. She became the quiet disciple and mostly hasn’t done much to distinguish herself. She’s a pillar of the group and probably the most useful of the characters but without some of their louder personality types Laika would likely just kind of disappear.

Someone Give This Girl A Hug from Slime 300 – Rosalie

Rosalie - Ghost Girl
Image from Slime 300 anime 2021.
Being dead – could be worse.

In episode 5, Rosalie rocked the scene making a bold entrance as the ghost haunting the factory Halkara wanted to create. Dying young and in a fairly unfair manner, Rosalie doesn’t have time to play nice and she’s a straight talking and quite entertaining dead girl.

While she couldn’t carry a story on her own, Roaslie managed to enter the fairly crowded scene in I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level and leave an impression. More than that, she made me care about her and laugh with her. While she doesn’t stand front and centre in most episodes her contributions continue and she remains one of the most entertaining characters in the cast.

Just don’t let her possess you. There’s some difficulty separating her out again.

Too Cute For Words in Slime 300 – Shalsha and Falfa

Shalsha and Falfa - slime spirits
Image from Slime 300 anime 2021
I have way too many screen grabs of this pair.

It’s a two for one with these darling slime spirits who appeared in episode two. Shalsha is the more level headed of the pair but Falfa is utterly adorable and when they first appeared they were pretty formidable but quickly became the adopted children of Azusa.

I think I’d be pretty happy with a show where it was just aAzusa and the girls travelling around helping people. That would be pretty adorable to watch.

One thing that has become clear, any scene is better when these two appear. All the characters melt in their presence and when one is in trouble, everyone who has ever met them will run to help. That’s the power of cute anime girls.

Best Girl from Slime 300 – Beelzebub

300 Slime Ep6 1
Okay she might be a demon who turns into a fly but she’s still pretty awesome.

Beelzebub also appeared for the first time in episode 3, in pursuit of the elf-girl Halkara. This placed her in direct opposition with Azusa and a friendly rivalry kind of sprung up between them.

Beelzebub is awesome because she’s strong, she’s confident, and she’s actually pretty in control but she can also be used as the focal point for a joke without feeling like she’s been demeaned. Azusa summons the demon on more than one occasion and due to a small pronunciation error, instead of ending up in the summoning circle Beelzebub is dunked in water and still manages to look classy.

If she hadn’t already been my favourite character, the fighting tournament would have locked it in. Seeing her give her all against Azusa and taking her loss like a champion really just made it clear who the best girl of this series is.

Do you agree?

That’s my ranking but I’m sure others watching I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My level have their own ideas. Let me know in the comments how you would have ranked these characters and who your favourite anime girl from the series is.

I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level. Dir. N Kimura. Revoroot. 2021.

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