30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 21

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Welcome to Day 21 and we’re looking at my anime crush.

I’m going to be honest, I don’t really have one. There’s plenty of very cool characters and certainly some very good looking ones (they are drawn that way), but I don’t tend to develop crushes on characters.

If I was going to have an anime crush it would have to be Sebastian from Black Butler.

So incredibly good looking and competent. Okay, also a demon but that’s a minor point if we’re looking at a fictional crush.

If I’d answered this question back in high school, I’d have said Darien from Sailor Moon without hesitation. Note, Darien, not Tuxedo Mask. Darien because his personality has a bit of bite to it and yet he’s still a pretty nice guy. Tuxedo Mask on the other hand was preachy and didn’t ever actually do anything but swoop in, give a pep talk, and swoop back out. That’s when he wasn’t suffering from amnesia, being brain washed, or just unable to use his power for whatever reason the narrative decided was convenient.


So that’s day 21 done and we’re in the home stretch.

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