Do You Need Great Animation In Your Anime?

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It might seem odd to question whether anime should be well animated but with Evangelion coming out on Netflix it has reopened a lot of the discussion around its status as a great anime. While there are plenty of complaints and comments about the story and characters (there are also plenty of people praising the … Continue reading Do You Need Great Animation In Your Anime?

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 7

Here we are at Day 7 and we are looking at my favourite animation studio. Given I've done two top 5 lists on specific studios it is probably pretty clear who I'm going to pick. Definitely Studio Bones. If you missed my top 5 fun series from Bones you should definitely check out that post. … Continue reading 30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 7

Bloodivores Series Review

Overview: Mi Liu and a group of Bloodivores (probably vampires but after episode 1 it becomes entirely unnecessary to care as this plays no significant role in the show) break into a bank to steal something. Things go awry and they are taken in by the police and charged with the murder of the hostages … Continue reading Bloodivores Series Review

Tales of Zestiria The X Episode 5

Review: This is probably the first episode where I actually thought this anime was beautiful. At no point was there one of those jarring moments where suddenly the characters didn't look like they were actually attached to the setting. I really liked this episode. The new characters were really interesting and while I have no … Continue reading Tales of Zestiria The X Episode 5