12 Days of Anime Characters – Elias

12 Days of Anime Title Image

On the fourth day of the 12 Days of Aniblogging, I'm turning my attention to Elias from The Ancient Magus' Bride. An intriguing character, kept more intriguing by the lack of information more so than his actual presence.

Autumn 2017 Week 5

This continues to be a fantastic season for me in finding anime that I have really taken a shine to. The shows aren't perfect and how many of them will stand a rewatch test after the fact (or even manage to end well) still remains to be seen, but so far I have genuinely loved … Continue reading Autumn 2017 Week 5

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Part 2

Review: This is a really silly way to release a show given part 1 came out way back in September last year, but hey, whatever. It just means you have to rewatch the first part to remind yourself what had happened before you can get into this. I still have no familiarity with the source … Continue reading The Ancient Magus’ Bride Part 2