Saga of Tanya the Evil Episode 1



Tanya is part of the imperial (totally not German) army in 1923. She’s a mage who can fly and blow things up. Apparently they are under attack from the allies.


I’m pretty much going to pass on this one. Between the really ugly character designs, the focus on alternate version of the world wars, and the truly annoying voice of Tanya, this just actively put me off from start to finish. While it isn’t fair to compare, the timing makes it inevitable that this will be compared with Izetta, also an alternate history story that featured magical intervention in warfare. I was amazed last season when Izetta grabbed me during episode 1 because I don’t like war stories and I really don’t like things that focus on the world wars. I generally prefer sword fights to guns. However Izetta’s first episode was beautiful and filled with characters that intrigued me. Tanya is full of characters that don’t really seem to have any character and it is ugly to look at. All and all, I’m probably passing on this.

Saga of Tanya the Evil is available on Crunchyroll.