Life Movie Review


Overview: The international space station has just received a sample of a life form from Mars and decide to try to wake it up under strict containment protocols. Of course something goes wrong and an angry life form must be contained and prevented from making it to Earth. Review: I don't get to see movies … Continue reading Life Movie Review

elDLIVE Episode 11


Review: There's actually a half decent set-up in this episode with the villains demanding Chuta get handed over and the spy in elDLIVE (though it seems like it is obvious who that is unless they are just playing us). However, as always, elDLIVE decides to strangle itself by spending the first third of the episode … Continue reading elDLIVE Episode 11

elDLIVE Episode 8


Review: There were moments this episode where I was having a great time. Then there were other moments when I was wondering why I'm still watching this show. Early in the episode I had one of those flash-back moments to Scooby Doo but then we moved to some slightly more high stakes drama and it … Continue reading elDLIVE Episode 8

elDLIVE Episode 7


Review: Well, we are no closer to figuring out what Misuzu's fate is going to be, but this episode does offer some interesting moments. I get the feeling Dr Love is going to be a highly entertaining addition. He isn't afflicted with ongoing stupidity like so many of the cast have been, and he really … Continue reading elDLIVE Episode 7

elDLIVE Episode 5


Review: Must be the week for shows suddenly kicking things into gear and actually getting them right. elDLIVe really delivered an episode full of action, emotion, and just good fun. It wasn't that anything in the episode was all that far removed from what we've seen so far. Chuta is still full of guilt about … Continue reading elDLIVE Episode 5

elDLIVE Episodes 2 + 3


Review Episode 2: While there isn't anything wrong with playing clich├ęs for laughs, parodying earlier time periods, or even being derivative, if that is all you are offering and you aren't particularly funny then your show is in trouble. Chuta may gain some confidence as a person this week but as a character he is … Continue reading elDLIVE Episodes 2 + 3

elDLIVE Episode 1


Overview: Chuta has heard a voice in his head for as long as he can remember and unfortunately he ends up arguing with it or misses things in the real world which means a lot of hie classmates look at him as though he's a little weird. Then he gets transported to a space ship … Continue reading elDLIVE Episode 1