They’ll Need Teamwork If They’re Going To Make It To The Top

Sword Art Online Alicization Episode Review Title Image

Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 17 Review - Kirito and Alice are clinging on for dear life outside the tower and they've got a choice of climbing up or falling down. Can they make a truce long enough to get back into the tower? And what is going on with Eugeo?


Why More Time Isn’t Helping This Story

Sword Art Online Alicization Episode Review Title Image

Sword Art Online Episode 11 Review: With bloated conversations pushing us toward a cliff-hanger ending, this is another fairly weak entry into Alicization. Part of me is thinking that the long episode count is not doing this anime any favours as it stretches out content far too long rather than diving into its point.

Pandora Hearts Series Review

Overview: Oz has just turned 15 and at a coming of age ceremony is attacked and cast into the Abyss where he meets and makes a contract with a chain named Alice. on their escape from the Abyss, Oz is going to have to confront these mysteries head on as well as a whole pile … Continue reading Pandora Hearts Series Review

Food Wars Episode 10

Review: If you don't know who won, stop reading and go watch the episode. Is it wrong that I'm glad Akira won the election? Soma winning would have been ridiculous given the skill gap from the beginning. And then the do over. Serve your final dish in the first place. With Ryo, I just don't … Continue reading Food Wars Episode 10

Food Wars Season 2 Episode 7

Review: While going into this episode I really didn't care who won this battle as neither of the characters competing had particularly interested me up until this point, somehow I got drawn into their match. The moment of judging was particularly tense and that outcome was actually kind of cool. I'm not going to say … Continue reading Food Wars Season 2 Episode 7

Food Wars Season 2 Episode 1

Overview: For those who haven't seen the first season (go watch it), Food Wars is about Yukihira Soma being sent to a super elite cooking school where in true anime fashion he essentially declares war on all of his classmates by telling them he is going to be number one. That said, most of this … Continue reading Food Wars Season 2 Episode 1