Akiba’s Trip Episode 6


Review: There's just no point in continuing this. It hasn't made me laugh since episode 1 and the premise of each episode is getting increasingly tired and pathetic. This week computers become robots and to be perfectly frank I didn't really get much more than that.One of them can pick a lock. They fuse together … Continue reading Akiba’s Trip Episode 6

Akiba’s Trip Episode 5


Review: Let's go through the formula again; this time with retro-video games. Points to Akiba's Trip for realising that eating up more than five minutes in setting up Tamotsu's latest fixation is boring, but minus about a thousand arbitrary points for not realising that just introducing a red-herring for the villain of the week isn't … Continue reading Akiba’s Trip Episode 5

Akiba’s Trip Episode 4


Review: Akiba's Trip was never going to be my kind of anime but the first episode was entertaining, bright, there were some genuinely funny lines, and the pace kept things moving along so you never felt like you just waiting for the next bad gag to land. By episode 4 this show has definitely developed … Continue reading Akiba’s Trip Episode 4

Winter 2017 Week 3

winter 2017

We've hit the end of week 3 and for a lot of people this is where they will decide whether they are sticking with a show or cutting it loose. It also means I've mostly committed to the shows still on my list though I have dropped shows later in the season before. By the … Continue reading Winter 2017 Week 3

Akiba’s Trip Episode 3


Review: When you start something expecting to not like it and it surprises you, there's always still the underlying caution that maybe they just had a good week or two. Akiba's Trip is apparently that show. I kind of thought they'd get to episode 4 before the shiny started to fade but they haven't even … Continue reading Akiba’s Trip Episode 3

Akiba’s Trip Episode 2


Review: I get the feeling that this is a show I'm going to forget as soon as I'm done watching it but I'll have a great collection of screen caps. Like this one where Tomotsu's sister clearly empathizes with his situation having died and been brought back last week. Or this one, where Tomotsu announced … Continue reading Akiba’s Trip Episode 2

Winter 2017 Week 1

winter 2017

Welcome to Winter 2017 (or if you live in Australia, Summer while watching Winter anime). This last week and a bit has really just been a taster week for me and I know there are some shows I'll need to catch up on next week so some reviews might be episodes 1 and 2 combined. … Continue reading Winter 2017 Week 1

Akiba’s Trip Episode 1


And here we start sampling shows from the Winter season. I'll post thoughts on the first episode or two before deciding my final watch list for the season. Overview: After being attacked by an unknown evil, Tamotsu Denkigai is stuck in Akihabara fighting to keep the streets safe. - Crunchyroll Yes, I borrowed the overview … Continue reading Akiba’s Trip Episode 1