Yona of the Dawn Volume 1 Manga Review: The Story Begins

Bell's ascension to level two is big news. Now the anime did touch on this, but the reactions of other characters was not as pronounced and the whole levelling up thing didn't seem quite the big deal other than just another step on the road. The book spends a lot of time on Bell meeting with people who are reacting to the news and you really see the impact the news has on the town of Orario. This helps really flesh out the world this character is in and makes things seem just a little bit more authentic.

Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Princesses

Tuesday's Top 5

The Princess list turned out to be easier than the anime Prince list. That's probably because there's a lot of princesses out there who happily sit as bystanders and then there are the extreme warrior princess tropes that run around. Finding a princess who is an active participant in their story but not a juggernaut of violence is actually fairly challenging.

Tuesday’s Top 5: Male Characters with Green Hair

Tuesday's Top 5

Following on from last week's selection of female characters with green hair, I now bring you the list of male characters. These are my personal favourite characters who have the distinction of having green hair, though in many cases I'm still not sure why given green is not even close to a natural hair colour. … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Male Characters with Green Hair

Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Archers

Tuesday's Top 5

Maybe it is because I've recently watched Tsurune but I wanted to come back to this list. There's been a minor change to the order and the addition of Masaki to the list. Why not Minato? Because he isn't quite ripe just yet. Give him a few more seasons (assuming the anime gets any more) … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Archers

Akatsuki no Yona Series Review

Overview: Yona has lived the sheltered life of a Princess but when her father is killed she is forced on the run with only her childhood friend (bodyguard) Hak for protection. Together the two are forced to seek out the four dragons from legend, and that's all I've got. Review: Definitely spoilers for the anime … Continue reading Akatsuki no Yona Series Review

What I’m Watching

So this week Days didn't give us a new episode which kind of left a whole in my schedule. In addition, I've been on a break from work so between travelling and visiting people (I know I am actually having this thing called a life briefly) I've been re-watching some anime. First up, I finally … Continue reading What I’m Watching

Top 5 Tuesday: Nice Guys/Girls in Anime

Tuesday's Top 5

I know it's weird but this is probably the hardest list I've tried to write so far. I was thinking how easy it would be to come up with the top 5 nice characters but then I started thinking what about... and the list just never ended. Finally I've whittled it down to my 5 … Continue reading Top 5 Tuesday: Nice Guys/Girls in Anime