Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Episode 6: What Did They Do To Nemo?


Review: Well, this is kind of Impey's episode, but unsurprisingly he's pretty boring as a character so instead of really delving into who he is (other than a dreamer who wants to go to the moon) we'll spend the episode preparing for and then participating in an air-race with a stolen airship. This will go … Continue reading Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Episode 6: What Did They Do To Nemo?

WorldEnd Episode 9


Review: This episode continues to focus on Chtholly and her disintegration, focussing on her loss of memories. Early in the episode Ithea reveals that she did in fact lose her memories and woke up in a body that wasn't her and the only reason she's been able to pretend to be the person everyone knew … Continue reading WorldEnd Episode 9

Granblue Fantasy Episode 5


Review: I'm thinking my biggest issue with this show, other than it's ongoing defiance of logic at times, is that the main group are so wishy washy about their goals. Gran wants to get to the island of the Astrals; at least that was his goal way back when. We do get back to that … Continue reading Granblue Fantasy Episode 5

Granblue Fantasy Episode 4


Review: Stories like this always make me ask the same question; how does the empire even function? When every representative you meet of said empire is conspiring against every other, cruel and stupid, malicious, or crazy, it really makes you wonder why the entire empire hasn't just imploded. They haven't given us any reason for … Continue reading Granblue Fantasy Episode 4

Granblue Fantasy Episode 3


Review: So, they crashed the airship. Surprising how that happens when you don't have a pilot (I mean helmsman) to fly the thing. Actually, this is the episode where Katalina just kind of loses her cool look. From episode 1 she's been cool and the most interesting of the cast. This episode she's pretty lame. … Continue reading Granblue Fantasy Episode 3