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Endro Episode 6 Review

I’m wondering if Endro really did just make me like a character that I’ve really not felt much connection to previously and did it through using a tired old character got sick trope. And yeah, it really did. This episode I really enjoyed finding out more about Mao and her life as a demon lord before the hero’s botched attempt at defeating her sent her back in time. It was also nice seeing her appreciate her students and their care of her.

Endro Episode 6 Mao

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this pastel filled episode as the story is literally just Mao gets sick and in typical fashion has literally nothing in her house to eat and begins feeling sorry for herself when the hero’s party comes by and goes about cleaning up her house and preparing her a meal. It is all just sickly sweet and excessively optimistic and yet it manages to nicely round out Mao’s character. While we didn’t learn all that much new about her, this episode made it much easier to connect with her as a character and that was something I was kind of missing before.

Endro Episode 6 Mao

Though, it really is evidence that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to make something worth watching. While there isn’t really a single original point in this episode, they manage to deliver this fairly standard plot line in a way that makes it feel worth while and entertaining.

Endro Episode 6 Mao

That said, kind of hoping for a bit more adventure in next week’s episode, but I kind of feel like this was one of the stronger mid-season episodes I’ve watched this week.

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