My Experience Following Two Light Novels Turned Into Anime This Summer Season: Realist Hero and Seirei Gensouki

light novel adaptation - Seirei Gensouki and Realist Hero

Justin is visiting the blog today to share his thoughts on two light novel adaptations this anime season. He'll be discussing how Seirei Gensouki and How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom have been adapted and the pros and cons of both. Be sure to read the full post.

Guest Post: 5 Video Games We Want To See As Anime

5 Video Game

Guest post from Rachel, "5 Video Games We Want To See As Anime": Even though the film industry considers video games merely as spin-offs, the two are not excluded from one another. Many films have failed as adaptations of video games, but where a movie would sink, an anime would probably thrive. The anime fandom and “geek culture” is no longer unpopular, for it burrowed itself into the pop culture and made its way into popularity, thus enabling such adaptations that would have failed before to success in this era. Let’s see our picks of the video games that would make excellent anime!

Why Is The Number of Light Novel Adaptations A Problem?

Light Novel Rage

It's becoming a fairly standard cry each and every season. "There's another light novel adaption with all its tropes and cliches." And then fans of the source get defensive, those who dislike light novel adaptations start throwing out every poor adaptation ever as evidence that the entire idea of adapting a light novel is fraught … Continue reading Why Is The Number of Light Novel Adaptations A Problem?

Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Based on Light Novels From The Last 5 Years

Tuesday's Top 5

I am going to credit the idea for this list to Lethargic Ramblings and their excellent post last week In Defense Of Light Novel Adaptations. While reading it I suddenly really felt like making this list and while I limited it to the last 5 years to make the selection easier, it was still pretty … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Based on Light Novels From The Last 5 Years

First Impressions of Netflix’s Erased


A live action adaptation of any anime is something of an occasion as it brings out the usual arguments about whether something follows source material, whether the characters 'look' right (though why any real human would want to look like an anime character is a bit beyond me), whether it can live up to the … Continue reading First Impressions of Netflix’s Erased

A True Champion Can Adapt To Anything, But Don’t Mess With The Source Material

Death Note Live Action Movie

Friday's Feature - Anime fans really don't like it when people mess with their source material. But is it because changes are made or is it because the changes aren't making it better?