Darwin's Game Episode 6 Review

For the last time, why does anime think CPR is in any way romantic? I cannot stand this trope. Anyway, Darwin's Game continues to be mediocre with a few interesting moments as the Shibuya event continues.


BOFURI Episode 6 Review

What to do after another event finishes and you've now got your own flying turtle? Naturally you start a guild. Maple and Sally share the love in episode 6 of Bofuri.

BOFURI Episode 5 Review

The second event draws to a close and the happy spirit of exploration and playing a new game continues for Maple. That said, the combination of Maple and Sally is pretty terrifying.

BOFURI Episode 4 Review

The combination of Maple and Sally continues to essentially break the game but they are having so much fun. The second event continues and the girls take on multiple boss fights this episode and look super cute doing it.

Arifureta Anime Series Review

Oh boy... Arifureta the anime... Hmm, nope, let's just do this.

Best Anime of 2019 – Sci-Fi Anime

Science fiction and anime go very handily together. Now I'm sure those who followed my blog last year will already know which sci-fi anime I thought was the best but for everyone else, be sure to read and find out.

Darwin's Game Episode 4 Review

A showdown between Kaname and the Florist dominates episode 4 though there's some moments of intrigue for the curious. Still, Darwin's Game is what it is and I don't think it is going to improve at this point.