Tuesday’s Top 5: Opening Themes in 2017

Last year I wrote my list on the top opening themes of 2016 and unsurprisingly Yuri On Ice's History Maker took out the top spot. This year there wasn't a single stand out song that really stuck with me, but there were lots of opening themes that really matched their show so it ended up … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Opening Themes in 2017


ACCA Series Review

Overview: ACCA tells the story of Jean Otus, an inspector who travels the 13 districts of the Kingdom of Dowa, who is about to get drawn into a whole lot of political intrigue. With rumours of a coup gathering momentum, what will Jean do? Probably smoke a cigarette. I reviewed ACCA week to week so … Continue reading ACCA Series Review

Winter 2017 Final List

As the title says, this is my final list for the Winter 2017 season. This was not an amazing season of anime for me. Lots of rom-coms and slice of life shows that just didn't do much for me (though I've enjoyed shows in both of these genres previously), a few sequels that didn't manage … Continue reading Winter 2017 Final List

ACCA Episode 12

Review: While I suspect not all will be thrilled with the way this resolved, for me it was the perfect way to end this story. At all times, things have been pretty laid back and resolved without much in the way of violence, and for the coup to end the way it did works perfectly … Continue reading ACCA Episode 12

ACCA Episode 11

Review: ACCA has been a great watch and while part of me wondered if the final episodes could deliver after the last of the mysteries seemed revealed, episode 11 answers the question with a resounding 'yes'. Everything about this episode worked and continues to tie the plot together while continuing to give us highly nuanced … Continue reading ACCA Episode 11

Winter 2017 Week 10

And we've made it to week 10. Part of me is amazed that we're finally here and part of me is wondering why I'm still watching some of the shows I started this season, but there's still that end of season anticipation that is so much fun. Even if a show hasn't been great there's … Continue reading Winter 2017 Week 10

ACCA Episode 10

Review: There's no doubt ACCA has been an amazing watch so far and even this episode works very well and continuing the narrative and driving us ever closer to a climax that is definitely taking shape now. However... The writing this week has to be questioned. Now that Jean knows he is royalty it seems … Continue reading ACCA Episode 10

Winter 2017 Week 9

Week 9 has come and gone and we see the shows that are finishing up launch their final few episodes. This should be a realy exciting time and a couple of shows seem to acknowledge that, but there's a lot that are just going through the motions and may or may not deliver a satisfying … Continue reading Winter 2017 Week 9

ACCA Episode 9

Review: Part of me is really happy to find out the Grossula is not the mastermind, but I'm not certain about the actual reveal. Sure it fits but it didn't quite feel satisfying, mostly because we still don't know what's actually behind everything. Hopefully that reveal is coming soon. Jean is all but absent from … Continue reading ACCA Episode 9

Winter 2017 Week 8

Week 8 and things are heating up in some shows as we close in on the end of the season. I'm genuinely going to be sad to see March Comes in Like a Lion come to an end. I really enjoy waking up on Sunday to a new episode of it. ACCA I'm looking forward … Continue reading Winter 2017 Week 8