Top 5: Anime by Studio J.C.Staff (updated)

Tuesday's Top 5

Studio J.C.Staff have a lot of big name anime out there. Choosing just 5 is quite the challenge.

A Certain Scientific Railgun Series Review


A Certain Scientific Railgun is the spin-off from A Certain Magical Index, and to be honest it was the superior product for a number of reasons. Be sure to read the full review.

A Certain Magical Index Series Review

A Certain Magical Index has a certain something, but not quite enough as it turns out.

Friday’s Feature: Problem Solver

kirito klein

When I wrote this piece originally it had been on my mind for awhile. The idea that  fiction is a fairly distorted way of experiencing reality. Not saying that's a bad thing, by distorting certain aspects of what is real other points can be more easily framed and foregrounded. Complex emotional ideas that usually get … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: Problem Solver

Top 5: Anime Powers With Practical Application

Tuesday's Top 5

Anime powers are a bit hit and miss. For all that the hero of a story might have an amazing and flashy attack, in the day to day life most of us live his powers would be pretty useless. Here are 5 anime powers that have real practical applications.