A Decade of Anime – 2019

The final year of the decade and the hardest decision yet, largely because I haven't really had the chance to rewatch most of the anime from 2019, nor do I get the benefit of looking back at the year from a distance. As a result, I'm sure some of my decisions here will change in a few years time when I look at which of these anime I actually want to watch again and which ones wear out their welcome.


Time to Vote on The Best Anime of The Year That Was 2019

Throughout 2019 you made some tough choices about which anime were the best of their season. Now these anime go head to head in the final vote to determine the anime of the year. Get ready to vote because this decision is going to be tough.

The Second Annual WordPress Anime Awards

Once again, a group of us have come together to nominate some of the best anime of 2019 and now it is time for the community to vote.

The Vote Begins For The Best of the Fall Anime Season 2019

Here we go: It is time for my readers to pick their favourite anime of the season. Remember, the top 3 will go into the vote for best anime of the year.

Fruits Basket 2019 Anime Series Review

Tohru Honda has undeniably had a hard life and yet she's never lost her smile. Her kindness and love are exactly what the members of the Soma family need as they deal with their own personal demons. As a reboot of a classic series, how does the 2019 version of Fruits Basket hold up?