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I have to thank Raistlin for tagging me in this. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the responses other bloggers have written for it, and then Raistlin’s response made me really happy with what I’ve achieved as a blogger. I think this tag is highlighting something a lot of us already know and that is that the ani-blogging community are amazing. There’s so much positivity and passion for anime out there and a general willingness to share experiences and this tag is yet another way that we can bring that community closer together. So with that out of the way we’ll get on with actually answering the tag.



  • Write a post about why you love anime. It could be your favourite thing about it or one of your favourite things about it, it doesnโ€™t matter which, but just pick one!
  • You can get as personal or as impersonal as you like. You might want to write about how anime helped you through a tough time or something that it has taught you or you might want to write about just how much fun youโ€™ve had watching it over the years. Your choice.
  • Nominate three bloggers to do the same.
  • Link back toย this post. I would love to see what youโ€™ve written and I may compile a list of my favourite entries further down the line.



I’ve said a number of times on my blog that anime isn’t necessarily my passion. My passion is actually for stories. And yet, even I have to admit that my preferred medium for stories these days is definitely anime. I haven’t bought a non-anime DVD in nearly two years (there’s a few small exceptions) and even the few TV shows I’ve watched recently that haven’t been anime focused have struggled to hold my interest. I still devour books but even with those I’m much more focused on light novels and even branching into manga now. It wasn’t a conscious decision and it isn’t as though I believe anime is better than any of those other mediums. But it does make me wonder why at 33 I am so incredibly obsessed with anime.

D Gray - Road and Allen

However, I know the answer to that as well, whether I want to admit it or not. Watching anime reawakens the sense of wonder inside of me. That belief that anything is possible and might happen. The desire to see where things might go and take us even when the end result might not be great. It has been a long time since a movie, TV series or book outside of anime has had that impact (again with some exceptions because there have been a few, but they are few and far between).


When I’m watching anime, or talking about anime with someone, or writing a post for my blog, I feel lighter. Even if I’m tearing something apart because it was terrible, I’m excited because something I’ve watched has made me have such a strong emotional response. Anime makes me smile and laugh and flinch, become tense and cry. It moves me emotionally and it draws me into its world even if for only the twenty minutes of the episode.

Soul Society7

And then, because we have such an incredible online community, I get to talk with others and relive those feelings and share them and be apart of a discussion around something I love. It would not be an exaggeration to say that watching anime and my blog have really kept me going over the last few months when things haven’t been going so well for me with health and other issues.

I love anime and I am thankful every day that I am part of such a community.



I have no idea if you’ve already been nominated and you are under no obligation but here we go:

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23 thoughts on “Tag Time: Why I Still Love Anime

  1. Thanks for taking part in my challenge! I loved reading your entry!

    That’s one of my favourite things about anime – its ability to affect how you feel. Every time I look at my phone or switch on the TV I am bombarded with so much info, most of it negative, that I’ve sorta become numb to a lot of the things I see and watch. But anime, through lovable, relatable characters and powerful storytelling, the likes of which you don’t see often in most other types of media, teases these repressed feelings and emotions out of me. It’s a safe, healthy outlet.

    1. Glad you liked the post. There’s so much to love about anime, but the feelings it makes me have as I watch are what ultimately make it incredibly rewarding.

  2. This was wonderful and I have the same feelings. I’ve never really participated in other communities and this one is so supportive and wonderful.

    1. Definitely really glad for the community here. There’s so much love of anime, but so much support for each other. It is a really great feeling interacting with so many wonderful people.

  3. Awesome post Karandi! Like you, I also think Anime is the best medium in storytelling. My reason for that is because of how crazy and imaginative the creators can go without feeling too much or out of place. Moreover, everything feels so smooth and pretty.

    For example, if Natsume was a live action series and they did all the Youkai with Special Effects. It wouldn’t feel the same. The youkai, in this case, would feel out of place due to the difference with the real world. However, since it’s animated, you really can dive into the story and feel the struggles alongside the characters.

    1. I also like that with anime I’m not distracted as often by the actor who is playing the character. Particularly well known actors are hard to separate from the character they are playing and sometimes that interferes with the story.
      That said, anime is just great and even when I did still watch a lot of TV and movies, I was becoming an adult anime fan. I just never realised how far I would go with that.

      1. Yeah! That’s also true… That’s why I like to watch movies with actors that completely transform themselves depending on the role they are doing. Meryl Streep and Jenniffer Lawrence are good examples of that! ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. I love anime for making me pursue so many things I would not have pursued otherwise. Honestly, I would have fallen into some dark, dark places had I not developed and interest in anime and never started my blog.

  5. Wow: you have really written a very beautiful post for this. Honestly this one made me think as well when I actually bought a dvd for a non anime movie/tv series myself. That really has been a very long time ago as well. Tv series especially (besides Korean dramas and the Walking Dead) has been ages since I last seen or even bought one. Could not agree with you more about what you wrote about this community. It really is amazing ๐Ÿ˜‰ And so was this post!๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Glad you liked it. I still love non-anime stories. Firefly is my favourite TV series ever. I have a massive movie collection. But over the last few years, I’ve kind of only been buying anime. I didn’t decide to do that, I just find it so much more fun than other stuff right at the moment. I think it would be nice to have some balance between western TV, movies and anime but yeah, at the moment this is where I am.

      1. Haha…well I can relate, really! I have that same huge movie collection. But I seem to only be watching either anime or korean dramas (except of course the occasional exception ๐Ÿ˜Š). Oh well…no regrets whatsoever!
        Ps….Firefly is totally awesome!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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