Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love First Impressions


After a mostly positive beginning this anime decided to take the easy and well travelled option in its post credits scene. Is this enough to make you stay or are you going to drop?


I was actually kind of enjoying this episode. It is pretty cliche and ordinary, though neither characteristic is a definite deal breaker provided they do it well, and the meeting of Tada and Teresa is actually kind of reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn type movies. I quite enjoyed watching these two and Tada’s careful indifference to Teresa even while he is clearly kind of fascinated as well as her over the top enthusiasm for Japanese culture as seen through TV.


If the episode had ended on the reveal that Teresa was going to be staying in the hotel next door to the coffee shop, that would have been pretty reasonable all around. Nothing exceptional, but perfectly watchable as a first episode and set up. But then the anime decides it needs one more zing in its story. Post credits reveal and here it comes.


Yep, she’s enrolling at his school and into his class. Because… why not? It isn’t as though seven thousand other shows haven’t already done it and clearly just living next door to each other doesn’t give the writers enough to work with. Honestly, this reveal as pointless as it was just made me want to drop the show on the spot, however I’ll probably give this another episode and if it doesn’t do something actually interesting with this set up I’m going to let it go.

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20 thoughts on “Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love First Impressions

  1. I didn’t even watch the post-credits scene (which would’ve pulled my enthusiasm for the show down a notch), but aside from that it was fairly pleasant romance-wise and it had top-notch comedic timing. It was kind of questionable how they managed to meet up so many times “coincidentally” over one episode though (in a very Netjuu no Susume kind of way, i.e. if you think too hard about it, it becomes a tad illogical), now that I think of it…

    Also, that OP is definitely something I’ll put on repeat this season.

    1. I didn’t mind the coincidental meet ups as it was kind of needed to get the narrative going. However, I’m kind of hoping it doesn’t rely on that for the rest of the season.

  2. I actually liked the episode quite a bit, especially their meeting and the atmosphere is very relaxing. But as you said, same school and stuff is too much.

    1. It was doing such a good job too at drawing me into the story, despite the familiarity. I almost wish I hadn’t watched after the credits because my impression of the series would have been much better if I’d stopped.

  3. I quite liked this. It is cliche and I think the whole gorgeous female foreigner from Europe thing is getting a bit stale, but the characters seem interesting. And I liked that after one of the male characters gets hit, he complains, she apologizes, and he’s now afraid of her. That hardly happens in shows like this, so I found it refreshing.

    1. Yes, normally a character gets hit and complains but continues to say the same stupid things or do the same stupid things and continues to get hit. This one seems to have been a fast learner and is actively avoiding putting himself in the firing line.

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