Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love Episode 8: Love Under the Stars


With the club going to photograph stars this week we are prepared for star-crossed lovers to stare wistfully at each other. Problem being, not a lot else happens.


This anime has done a lot of things right in building up its characters, particularly its support cast. Yet in is running into the problem of the main relationship having peaked fairly early. We know Teresa likes Tada, and even if Tada hasn’t admitted it, he likes her too. So when the anime focuses on them, really all it can do is go back over the same ground of Tada saying something that makes Teresa’s heart go doki-doki and then she’ll say something that makes Tada’s heart do the same. It is cute, but not exactly compelling viewing.


With the definite end date looming over their relationship and the quite pointed comment at the shrine by Hinako that sometimes soul mate doesn’t mean someone to fall in love with but instead someone who will have a profound influence on you, it seems the final nail has been driven into the coffin of there actually being an ongoing romance between these two. While the anime might yet attempt to give us a final twist to allow these two to fall in love, that would fly in the face of the title and common sense at this point.

Despite that, the episode itself remains easy watching with a fun cast of characters who do not a lot but don’t really need to. Just hanging out with them is sufficient.

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