Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love Episode 6: No Surprises But Still Cute


If you were looking for something novel, this anime would be unimpressive, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t super sweet to watch.


The royal fiance has arrived and will of course need to meet all of Teresa’s new friends. He instantly charms each and every one of them and they have coffee together. The one interesting part about this segment is Tada’s reaction. Even his usual deadpan expression kind of wavers, though in his case it seems to be jealousy. Once again, I’m not sure when Teresa and Tada got so close, but we’re kind of just expected to accept that these two are crushing even though Tada’s not letting on and Teresa’s pretty determined she’s going home after her study tour.


We are then sent to a party where all the friends are, though why I’m not sure, and clearly Teresa is there is a somewhat official capacity. however, instead of a royal reveal, we get treated to a sequence mirroring Tada and Teresa’s first meeting where they took shelter from the rain. It’s adorable but hardly mind blowing. However, I’m still wondering what the connection between the death of Tada’s parents and Teresa is, though it seems more and more clear there’s something going on.

All and all, this series kind of sticks to its consistent tone and delivery and remains elevated by the attention to detail in its settings.

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