Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love Episode 5: This Seems Anti-Climatic


So the anime shows us Tada’s parents leaving before the accident and reveals Teresa’s identity (is anyone shocked) and yet neither of these reveals feels like it has much weight. While this story continues to be pleasant, it really isn’t all that memorable. Your thoughts?


Another school free episode and this time the focus switches to the anniversary of Tada’s parents’ deaths with his annoying friend attempting to cheer him up (not that Tada ever seems all that emotional about much of anything). Despite that being the episode focus, there seems to be far more moments focusing on Teresa smiling or the interactions between the others in the group than Tada himself.


That isn’t really a problem because the cast are really pleasant and even with the fairly obvious development at the end of the episode this story remains pretty fun just to tune out and watch.  With some nice food shots, some reasonable cast interaction, and a visit to a bathhouse that only played a couple of the usual cliche moments, this episode was another fairly entertaining entry in an anime that isn’t exactly knocking my socks off but it is quite an enjoyable watch each week.

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